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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by paulcc, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. paulcc

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    Can anyone recommend a good IT training company for Java programming? So far my experience to IT training has been a disaster and I have been conned by a disgraceful firm called 'FDM Group'.

    I went to this company for some training but got cheated by them instead. The 'FDM Group' are the most pathetic and useless firm that I have met in my life. This company gives some promises about getting you work in IT with training, etc, etc. After charging me a huge fee, they did not give me the full training course that I paid for - only part of it with no support. They managed to con me and take my hard earned money with it.

    The FDM Group are a pile of crap and their staff are a bunch of scumbags. It's no wonder that there are so many complaints about this firm. Many other people have had similar experiences. I hope no one else has to go through the hell that I went through too.
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    Hi Paulcc, Welcome to CF.
    I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences with training providers in the past, but I'm sure that by coming here you will find some good advice. Whilst I can't directly help with your training requirements I'm sure there are others here who will offer sound advice.

    Why not pop across to the new members board to introduce yourself.

  3. steve2j

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    I would like to address the first message regarding the 'FDM Group'. I do know that certain students were improperly trained and also overly charged for courses that were not actually delivered in full. A friend of mine was a student at this firm in Brighton. He was charged 1000s for a course which he did not even get the basic support for. He was of course promised with various benefits but these were not delivered. The FDM Group have totally shocked my friend and me at trying to train in IT with a private firm. They did NOT provide the one-to-one support they promised, but the most disgraceful aspect was their failure to deliver the training in full. They demanded full payment in advance and did not provide any refund for their pathetic training.

    It is true to say that the FDM Group are a disgrace to IT training and education. I do sympathise with others who have had similar experiences. You should not let yourself get conned by firms like FDM Group who have conned vulnerable individuals from their hard earned money.

    My advice to anyone considering good IT training would be to attend a college that is accredited with good reputations and recommendations. Do not pay huge fees unless you are totally sure - some good courses may be subsidised or at minimal cost. You could even train youself from good quality books such as certification guides which prepare you for exams. These are low cost alternatives.
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    sorry to hear about what happened to you... like steve2j said why havent you tried self-training yourself?? :biggrin

    there are free compilers outhere and alot of good books... im from cyprus so i cant say colleges or uni's offer courses in java but im sure they DO! Whats your knowledge of programming? if you dont have much or any you might as well learn a basic language like good old pascal first before java like i have.

    this to me is the best java book by Deitel and Deitel:

    Java How to Program

    look at these too:

    let me know if i can help in any way! 8)
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    They really do look good. Lots to choose from too. :D
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    I did a google search on this FDM group and judging from the website it looks well dodgy. How can any training firm guarantee you a job as a programmer after taking one of their courses. Something just didnt look right about the whole site seems very sales pitchy if you get what I mean. and whats that test all about to see if you would make a good programmer?
    All the talk about links with firms waiting to take on trainee programmers who take one of their course, bollocks. If I was was an IT manager I wouldnt want someone to work for me who had been guaranteed a postion without knowing a thing about them. At the end of the day it is upto the individual to get the job. I am considering training myself soon and understand it will not be easy. I am currently unemployed and find it hard to even get a simple admin job, or anything for that matter. Firms do not just take any tom dick or harry on.
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  10. candyman

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    Has anyone reported them to trading standards or BBC1's watchdog? There is a good chance that they are breaking the law by misleading people, e.g. offering guarenteed jobs on their Website or not delivering all the course materials/providing tutor support as promised in writing.

    Also regarding the OU - do they offer recognised certs similar to MCSD or CIW? Also, can you do a PhD by distance with them?
  11. Sandy

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    They are starting the CCNA course in Oct 2005 and offer a Certificate in Web Applications Development

    I understand that PhD's are not taught by distance learning you need to live within 15 miles of MK

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