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Get ITIL Exam Tips

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by CeltemLearning Amit, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. CeltemLearning Amit

    CeltemLearning Amit New Member

     ITIL exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions.
     You have 60 minutes to complete the exam. Most test-takers have plenty of time. Don’t hurry!
     There are no trick questions, but questions are often precisely worded.
     Read each question multiple times.
     Be cautious of answers which use the terms “ALWAYS” or “NEVER”.
     Many questions contain at least one distracter. Use a process of elimination to remove obviously wrong answers from your consideration first, and then focus on the remaining answers.
     If a question uses boldface type, italics, or uppercase type to highlight a specific word, pay close attention!
     If a question is about a process, make sure the answer you select is about a process rather than a function, service, etc. and vice versa.
     Make sure to answer questions based upon your ITIL® knowledge, not on your experience in the real world. Your real world experience may or may not have anything to do with ITIL®.
     Choose the best answer! Often questions contain several answers which, in some way, could be correct. Don’t work too hard to come up with a correct scenario for a specific answer. Rather, choose the answer which would be most correct in the greatest number of situations.
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  2. jhonssmi

    jhonssmi New Member

    Its really Nice information. I also have some information to share with othere about ITIL Examinations. if you need any kind of ITIL Examinations. Then follow this link "Brain Dumping link"
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  3. CeltemLearning Amit

    CeltemLearning Amit New Member

    Service Strategy process - topic of ITIL

    The Service Strategy process (yes, it has the same name as the lifecycle phase!) is concerned with the development of service concepts in preparation for selection of services to be provided. It consists of four major activities:
    1. Understand the market
    a. Who is the customer?
    b. What do they value?
    c. How do they define value?
    2. Develop the offerings
    a. What service offerings would provide value to customers as defined above?
    b. How can we as a service provider offer unique or distinctive value?
    3. Develop strategic assets
    a. What resources would be required to offer the services identified?
    b. What capabilities would be need to offer the services identified?
    4. Prepare for execution
    a. How can we prepare to build or develop the service?
    b. What are our specific objectives for the service?
    c. What specific critical success factors must we meet in order to achieve those objectives?
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  4. SimonD
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    SimonD Terabyte Poster

    I had been asked today to delete this thread because of Brain Dumping material, as it stands I had removed the link to the brain dump site and don't consider the rest of the content to be brain dumping.

    I will continue to monitor this thread but as it stands and in my opinion this isn't brain dumping.
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    WIP: VCP6-CMA, VCAP-DCD and Linux + (and possibly VCIX-NV).
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  5. CeltemLearning Amit

    CeltemLearning Amit New Member

    Thank you Simond for your concern and i can say it won't be. I have created this thread to post priceless informations to help other ITIL certification seekers as I am ITIL certifed ,so I thought to do favour just when i realized it is a very nice forum of this kind.
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  6. CeltemLearning Amit

    CeltemLearning Amit New Member

    The Service Lifecycle - An ITIL TOPIC

    The core of ITIL® is structured around a Service Lifecycle which consists of the five phases shown in the illustration below. Each lifecycle phase is discussed in more detail later in this study guide. The Service Lifecycle organizes activity around services as the services move from concept through the live environment and into retirement. The ITIL® ‘core’ documentation consists of five volumes representing each of the phases of the Service Lifecycle.

    - - - Updated - - -

    - - - Updated - - -

    Roles - An ITIL Topic
    Roles are defined collections of specific responsibilities and privileges. Roles may be held by individuals or teams. Individuals and teams may hold more than one role. ITIL® emphasizes a number of standard roles include, most importantly:
     Service Owner -- Accountable for the overall design, performance, integration, improvement, and management of a single service.
     Process Owner -- Accountable for the overall design, performance, integration, improvement, and management of a single process.
     Service Manager -- Accountable for the development, performance, and improvement of all services in the environment.
     Product Manager – Accountable for development, performance, and improvement of a group of related services.

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