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GAME celebrates PlayStation Spot launch

Discussion in 'News' started by Mr.Cheeks, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Mr.Cheeks

    Mr.Cheeks 1st ever Gold Member! Gold Member

    GAME celebrates PlayStation Spot launch

    PSP content download service aims to rival Nintendo DS hotspots

    UK software retailer GAME is participating in the launch of Sony's new PlayStation Spot service, offering consumers a range of free multimedia content at selected UK 'hotspots' from Friday 28th July.

    Aiming to compete with Nintendo's DS Wi-Fi hotspot service, the PlayStation spot initiative will provide consumers with access to a range of game demos, music tracks, film trailers and multimedia entertainment content, which can be downloaded free of charge from selected locations throughout the UK....

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    1. Lord Deckard
      Lord Deckard
      It's a great idea in theory but in practice they should have got more spots ready before the launch. I can only see 11 spots on the map at the moment www.playstationspot.co.uk/

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