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Discussion in 'Scripting & Programming' started by MrNice, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. MrNice

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    I have wanted to design my own website for a while now but dont have a clue where to start. I have been promising myself I would get around to looking in to it but am up to my eyeballs in A+ study!
    I am only looking to design something pretty basic, put some surfing pics etc on and maybe a daily surf report. Can you do all this using a software package? If so can anyone recommend one? It would be good if I could update it easily as I would do this quite regularly if not daily. I presume once you finish the site you pay for a name and someone to host it?
    Like I say I really dont have a clue so any advice would be most appreciated. :biggrin
  2. Phoenix
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    notepad.exe does the job just fine :)
    failing that, give Dreamweaver a shot, very nice

    and look into a good teach yourself html book
    nothing too fancy

    dreamweaver gives you the best of both worlds, with a great code editor, and a WYSIWYG pane to go with it

    whatever you do, dont use Frontpage!
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    You might be better with one of the free blog type scripts that are available, if your wanting to add content on a near daily basis then these would be great.

    You'll need a decent hosting package thought as you'll need an SQL database and PHP support to run them. They are fairly easy to set up and you can always ask here for help if you get stuck.

    You need a domain name 1st, I've always used for my domains and have only a few minor problems in the past. Most of which have been sorted out within reasonable time.

    Try the search and see if you can find an available name for you site then you need to start looking for a host.

    If you need any more details just ask.

    Si :)
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  4. AJ

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    Try looking at this forum for details of possible providers here
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  5. ant2005uk

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    Without even looking at the replies I would suggest Dreamweaver as a very good package if you dont want to be bothered learning all that html, javascript etc. However if you only want to create a simple homepage with a few pics, text and a background then writing your own html codereally is not that difficult trust me! I find it alot easier than using packages like dreamweaver but thats just my opinion its upto you. Elizabeth Castro has done an excellent, well structured and easy to follow manual on html that even a complete beginner would understand. You may benifit from reading this and I have always felt I have more control over my sites when writing my own code rather than using a software package, but at the end of the day its upto you and want you want thats just my opinion. Dreamweaver is very good and easy to use if you wish to rely on a software package.

    You do not require any additional software to write html code (although there are web editors out there you could use if you wish), just as long as you have a web browser and windows notepad to type in the coding thats really all you need. I felt that Elizabeth Castros book explains it all very well. Have a look on amazon or check your local library if you decide to take this route.

    You do not have to pay to host a site if you dont want to, there are many free providers such as geocities, tripod, terrashare etc but if you wanted your own domain then yes you would have to pay. You can easily edit your site online when using thses free services and update as and when you want.

    Hope this helps. :D

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