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Friendly 'worms' could spread software fixes

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. tripwire45
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    Friendly 'worms' could spread software fixes

    Microsoft researchers are hoping to use "information epidemics" to distribute software patches more efficiently. Milan Vojnović and colleagues from Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK, want to make useful pieces of information such as software updates behave more like computer worms: spreading between computers instead of being downloaded from central servers. The research may also help defend against malicious types of worm, the researchers say.

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    1. Fergal1982
      so basically, they want to implement a p2p download service?? Like WoW has been doing with its patches for years?

      I think using the term 'worms' is, I think, an alarmist activity. the term 'worm' is synonymous these days with a malicious, and uninvited alteration to your system. suggesting that they use 'worms' is akin to saying, 'we'll create these viruses that will seek out and patch every pc, whether you like it or not'. Saying that they intended to implement a p2p distribution system (with checks to confirm the validity of the patch received) is a much friendlier method.

      In either case, they are going to have to put in something that allows you to opt out of receiving the patches (which is why a p2p service would be easier, you just bolt it onto the existing update functions), and also to opt out of transmitting the patches.
    2. greenbrucelee
      Isn't this a bit dumb?

      What happens if someone adds malware to the patch and if there is no choice but to have the patch then you have a worldwide virus.

      Fergal is right, there must be a choice.

      What wrong with getting updates from the servers anyway?
    3. Sparky
      Somebody has to pay for them.... :biggrin

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