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Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by Clay, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Clay

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    I see no mention of this on the forum.... My learning provider LearningIT form Stirling in Scotland (damn nice people) sent me notififcation 2 weeks ago that Microsoft are offering one free retake of any exam that you register for before end of May.

    Therefore, I am sure many of us are worried about failing etc as I know am. I intend to take 70-210 mid May but now you know you can retake if necessary there is a little safety net. Fear of the unknown is what worries me rather than the actual exam.

    Back to the point, if you go to Microsoft Learning website area then you can easily find the registration forms etc. Takes a bout 10 mins of your time but might just be worth it.

    I believe the second chance option is available for anyone doing MS exams whatever the flavour.

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  2. tripwire45
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    I thought we posted this sometime back. The offer ends at the end of May or June (I don't recall). It began months ago and I think there was at least one active thread on the subject at the time.
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  3. drum_dude

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  4. Pablo1888

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    Cheers for that Clay!![​IMG] Missed the first thread about it, as mentioned by tripwire45
    Now gives me the incentive to get the 70-215 exam out of the road, without the worry of having to pay for a retake.
    Certifications: MOUS Master, MCP 70-210, A+

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