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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by zimbo, Feb 5, 2006.

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    I was looking for more info on Samba (yeah guess who has gone linuxy!!!) anyway im not sure if anyone know this site:

    O'Reilly Open Books HERE

    im sure some of our linux gurus would love it! you can actually read whole books and in some case d/l them!
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    O'Reilly is the supplier of good Unix-based books (they do some rather good Windows ones these days as well). I have been buying their books for *many* years!

    So their website is one high up my bookmark list!

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    If you want to learn Samba go to the Samba site. There are two large, well-written books on the current release of Samba there, not out-of-print books on deprecated versions of Samba.

    The best documentation and instruction that I know of Samba 3 are found here. They are Samba3 HOWTO and Samba3 By Example. You can get both of them in print too, but they are free for the downloading although minus some of the examples and illustrations. I've found that some of the stuff that is missing is hard to figure out on your own such as configuration examples. However, they are still the best free documentation and instruction on Samba that's around.

    However, if I was you I'd get really comfortable with my Linux distribution of choice before I started playing with Samba. Now, that's free, hard-won advice because I did the same thing you're doing. I barely knew anything about Linux and started trying advanced projects like Samba, and be assured that Samba is still a fairly advanced project. It can be done, but be prepared to get discouraged a few times. It's not all point and click if you really want to learn the internals.
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