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Free Microsoft Training- WEbinar

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by valeriechen, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. valeriechen

    valeriechen Bit Poster

    Please pass this information to people you think may benefit from this free class - Word 2007. Class meets (Pacific Time) every Sat. and Sun. in 2/2011, 4pm-5pm (meeting room will open @ 3:30pm for chat ) log in early www.joingotomeeting.com - use meeting room ID 769-103-822 or follow this link https://www3.gotomeeting.com/join/769103822.)

    I will be teaching the class, with my assistant Sean Chen (my first student who's now a MCP, MCTS, A+, CTT+ Classroom, CTT+ Virtual Trainer- This is his video link. YouTube - Youngest CTT+, A+, MCP, MCTS )

    I know many people consider office applications for secretaries only. Well, if we can help a secretary, or a high school graduate, or an unemployeed worker to become Microsoft certified, wouldn't that change his/her life? Besides, do you know any better way to start any career with a microsft certification?

    Prior to July 2009, I have never used Excel, which was my first certication. Now, I am a Certified Office Master in both 2003 and 2007, a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, a CompTIA A+, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and a Certified Technical Trainer - CTT+ (both classroom and virtual).

    The class will be free to join. However, if you want to get a Certificate of completion (issued by NR Computer learning center, a Microsoft Training Partner), you will need to pay for an e-book ($30) and you will need to attend all 8 1-hour class (participation will be logged and verified). The e-book is a Microsoft requirement. If you just want to learn, e-book will be optional. ( To buy ebook an pre-register for the class, email [email protected] )

    I am sure anyone logged on to this Forum will find the class too easy. But please forward the info. to someone who may benefit from this class. If they do decide to take the certification path, certification may qualify for a college semester credit. (even UC Berkerley accepts it. link to colleges that accept ACE | ACE CREDIT College and University Network)

    This class will be our test pilot. If it goes well, then I will host more "free" classes in Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Vista, A+ and CTT+.

    Nothing is impossible. Let's move needy to needed and turn learners to leaders

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    Certifications: A+,CTT+,MCP,MCT,MCTS,MOS-Master 03,07,10
    WIP: High School

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