France gets nuclear fusion plant

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    France gets nuclear fusion plant

    France will get to host the project to build a 10bn-euro (£6.6bn) nuclear fusion reactor, in the face of strong competition from Japan. The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (Iter) will be the most expensive joint scientific project after the International Space Station.

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    1. Phoenix
      And all because the good old french did thier usual 'if we dont get to build it we will pull out and get new partners and build it anyway'
      they always want it thier way :)

      Great development all the same though,
    2. michael78
      Interesting article, I really hope that something like this will work as we need more cleaner energy in the future as if not the future isn't looking too good for us...:blink
    3. Jakamoko
      I agree with Ryan here - souns like France spitting the dummy again to get their way.

      Also, as Slypie says - this is the only way forward for us for the foreseeable future in terms of energy, and I really cannot tolerate the crap arguments the Greens (whom I admire in many other ways) put up against facts like the following:

      1 kilo versus 10 tonnes. It's not hard to do the maths.

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