Four new Bagles emerge in two days

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">Four new Bagles emerge in two days</font>

    Virus writers are modifying each variant only slightly in an attempt to evade antivirus detection

    The Bagle computer virus has almost finished off the alphabet.

    Virus writers' penchant for modifying the source code for the program has resulted in four new variants -- Bagle.Q, Bagle.R, Bagle.S and Bagle.T -- in the past two days, antivirus firms said on Thursday.

    The viruses attempt to use an ActiveX vulnerability, discovered in August, to automatically upload and run a program on the victim's computer, without needing the user to run a file. The viruses pose a threat to Windows users who have not updated their operating system since the patch came out in August.

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