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Flu Notes.......

Discussion in 'Just for Laughs' started by Mitzs, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Mitzs
    Honorary Member

    Mitzs Ducktape Goddess

    (Notes pinned to the pillow of a mother who has the flu by a well-meaning husband who has inherited the house and kids.)

    Monday A.M.
    Dearest: Sleep late. Everything under control.
    Lunches packed. Kids off to school Menu for dinner planned. Your lunch is on a tray in refrigerator: fruit cup, finger sandwhices. Thermos of hot tea by bedside. See you around six.

    Tuesday A.M.
    Honey: Sorry about the egg rack in the frig. Hope you got back to sleep. Did the kids tell you about the Coke I put in the Thermoses? The school might call you about this. Dinner may be a little late. I'm doing your door to door canvas for liver research. Your lunch is in refrigeator. Hope you like leftover chili.

    Wednesday A.M.
    Dear Doris: Why in the name of all that is sane would you put soap powders in the flour canister! If you have time, could pelase come up with a likely spot for Chris's missing shoes? We've checked the clothers hamper, garage, back seat of the car and the woodbox. Did you know the school has a ruling on bedroom slippers? There's some cold pizza for on a napkin in the oven drawer. Will be late tonight. Driving 8 Girl Scouts to tour meat packing house.

    Thursday A.M.
    Doris: Don't panic over water in hallwall. It crested last night at 9PM.
    Will finish laundry tonight. Please pencil in answers to following:
    1. How do you turn on the garbage disposal?
    2. How do you turn off the milkman?
    3. Why would that rotten kid leave his shoes in his boots?
    4. How do you remove a Confederate flag inked on the palm of a small boy's hand?
    5. What do you do with leftovers when they begin to snap at you when you open the door?
    I don't know what you're having for lunch! Surprise me!

    Friday A.M.
    Hey: Don't drink from pitcher by the sink. Am trying to restore pink dress shirt to original white. Take heart. Tonight, the ironing will be folded, the house cleaned and the dinner on time.

    .... I called your mother. Have a great day!!
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  2. GregSB87

    GregSB87 New Member

    LOL, thats a good one. May have to pinch it to email to some friends!! I wont take any credit for it though.
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  3. nXPLOSi

    nXPLOSi Terabyte Poster

    Haha, funny stuff, and true! :)
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