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    Well, today was the day. We took our daughter to the airport for her flight to L.A. We couldn't go beyond the security checkpoint so we had to say our goodbyes and hug her there. It's still hard to believe that I won't see her for another 11 months. Her flight took off almost an hour and a half ago. I'm already at work. Our first test subject cancelled so I've got time on my hands.

    Once my daughter arrives in L.A., she'll go to the hotel to meet up with the other AFS students going to Japan and have a day long orientation. Tomorrow at around 12:30 p.m. L.A. time, their plane will take off for Tokyo. We've equipped her as best we could. She has a phone card to call from L.A. but will need to get an international phone card in Japan. She's got a Yahoo account so we can e-mail her and I've already bought her Passover card to mail to her.

    It's going to be a rough first few days but I hear it's about the same as sending a kid off to college. We'll see. She's only 15 so it registers in my mind a bit differently. Well, here we go.
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    Hang in there, Trip - we're all thinking about you all.

    She will be nervous too, but hopefully it really will be one of the times of her life - great experiences and memories to treasure forever. Keep us up to date as always (why not post a link to the original Thread for our newer Members)

    Still, it it were me.... :cry:
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    I hope your daughter has a positive experience.

    And Fun :!: :D
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    I'm usually on the other side of that security point (probably at the same airport) and im sure she will be missing you as much as you are her, although its a tad different for someone her age, she will likely get to LA and get to know the other kids, and that should cheer her up, i'm sure shes in great hands mate, make sure she keeps in touch, it will make it easier with regular updates :)

    hang in there mate :)
    and i know your not already counting the days!
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    Well, she's in L.A. now and her plane will take off for Tokyo in about three hours. Jamie tried calling her Mom's cell phone but the phone was accidently set to "mute" so my wife didn't hear the ring. My daughter left a message something like: "I'm calling from the airport like you asked but I guess you don't care that much". :eek:

    We tried calling her at the hotel last night but she was out to dinner and we tried again this a.m. but she was out to breakfast. If she gets the time, I hope she calls my wife's cell (which is now not on mute) to say "goodbye". I was hoping to get to talk with her, too but it's not to be.

    She'll be travelling with about 37 other American kids all going to Japan plus the AFS volunteers/"sheep herders". I'm already counting the months until she gets back. Yes, I know. She'll have a blast. Just going through the "adjustment" phase of this process.
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