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Five WiFi VOIP Security Issues

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Mar 6, 2006.

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    Five WiFi VOIP Security Issues

    As enterprise deployments of WiFi VOIP systems reach the staging point, security will be a key concern for enterprise users. Shawn Merdinger, an independent security consultant based in Austin, Texas, has worked with Cisco Systems Inc. and 3Com Corp./Tipping Point. He's tested around a dozen WiFi VOIP handsets and deskphones and says that security problems range from potential denial-of-service attacks to more serious issues that allow "deep access" to the device that lets a remote attacker read sensitive information on the phone. You can see his postings on many of the devices tested, along with some workarounds here. In the wake of Merdinger's findings, Cisco Systems Inc., Hitachi Ltd., and UTStarcom Inc. have issued firmware upgrades for the devices in question.

    Read the whole article Here.
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    1. hbroomhall
      Interesting. It so happens that I have an UTStarcom F1000, and the original firmware had the holes he describes. However I got a patch a long time ago which closes at least some of those holes!


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