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First job - when to move on?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by K3T, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. K3T

    K3T New Member

    Hey everyone, Long and short story I'm 25 now, pretty much spent half of my life with computers, graduated last year with a BSc Computer Science and Networking course, very lucky got my first ever job and it's IT. My job still on-going, it has been 8 months now.

    I have always been interested in IT and I always hoped I can work in an IT one day, but the real world isn't that excited as I hoped?

    First problem - I am a 1st line support dealing with customers which I don't particularly interested and I am not getting much responsibility other than dealing with calls all day. I would rather deal with machines/technical stuff like networking and I also know that this is considered one of my best opportunity to learn/educate myself such as like dealing people in a first job. The current company doesn't seem to have a new position or promotion for me to move up, as our department is quiet small. IT Manager, 3rd line, 2nd line and 1st line (me) just four of us. Most of them have worked over a decade lol, (6-18 years). The salary isn't that great either, below 18k.

    My question here is, when is the best time to move on from my current position? How much experience do I need? (Say if I want to move on to a 2nd line support or even networking)

    Second problem - I have found out little bit about myself now after 8 months working in the company, I preferred to move around or travel and out of the office to do jobs. As I hate sitting in office all day waiting for phone calls to come in, and when no phone calls or jobs the time is really starting to slow. Well I do sometime make the most out of the free time, I'm currently working towards the CCNA cert and I hope this will prepare me for my second job in the future (next year or two). I have also started a blog to document all the technical faults and problems I have been solving daily in my job. It is very sad that sometimes, I have to think about things to do to get the time go quicker...

    Question - What are the jobs out there that have have a lot of traveling involvement? Will CCNA help me to find me a more technical in job in IT?

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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