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First job how its going so far(next stage )

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Ddan, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Ddan

    Ddan Nibble Poster

    Hi guys

    I have not commented in a while so just thought id tell you guys what I have been up to. I have been working
    at company doing software support for over 4 months. The job is ok but at time it can become boring, and I do feel like
    I will soon be at the stage where I will know most things required for the job. I was thinking maybe to try moving onto the next
    level by applying for windows supports jobs, or I should I get a solid year experience, at this company first what do you guys think?
  2. Ddan

    Ddan Nibble Poster

    Any feedback guys?
  3. Cunningfox

    Cunningfox Byte Poster

    4 months is a bit short, lots of short jobs on a CV make your CV look messy and confused and more importantly it's a warning sign against you for employers.

    Stick with it, know the role backwards and try and develop it around what you want to do, e.g. software problem x is related to a windows problem y, delve into that side of it further, why does y occur etc. If a larger place try and spend some time with the server/desktop guys and learn their roles.
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  4. RichyV

    RichyV Megabyte Poster


    Always try to stick with a job and I'd certainly not leave due to bordom - there's bound to be work around what you do on a day-to-day basis that can be expanded upon, just as Cunnningfox has said.

    Generally, I'd always say that staying a year to 18 months is a minimum so as not to alarm prospective employers (there are of course times when you have to leave a job but, from your description, I'd say this probably isn't one of them).

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  5. Capucine

    Capucine New Member

    4 months is really too short. Make it at least 1 year. otherwise your CV willlook messy and confusing.

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