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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by choons, Jul 3, 2004.

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    Hi all

    I've used 'enterprise' class watchguard firewalls for a few years now and am pretty confident with most aspects like branch office VPN, mobile user VPN, general policies, routing , DMZ and being an overall BOFH :)

    Anyway I've been looking at new jobs hopefully using firewalls and so forth. I already have my CCNA and want to get a lot more experience with a range of firewalls, as much as I like watchguard kit they don't seem to be the most popular.

    So currently I've just installed ISA and am going have a play around with that, I've also admin'ed SQL / exchange for a few years so I don't imagine ISA to be that hard, I've always been told to 'not touch ISA with a barge pole' but I don't think it can be that bad.

    Anyway back to the original question: I want as much as experience with a range of firewalls. I know home experience is no replacement for using it in a commercial environment but its definately a start, especially when I've got enough machines to emulate a small setup.

    When doing the CCNA there are lots of router simulators but I've never seen anything for the PIX itself. The same goes for other vendors like checkpoint, netscreen etc. etc.

    Obviously with the price of these units being several thousand its not asif I can purchase these things for experiments or learning. I imagine I can possibly get a trial of say checkpoint and try to get to grips with that?

    Basically im looking to learn at least the basics with a range of firewalls, and would like to find a way to be able to do this. There seems to be a range of specific certifications for firewalls but how does everyone achieve these without owning / or having access to the real thing?

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    not that i know of, if only! i think my PIX exam is up for renewal soon eek!
    problem is once a firewalls setup and working, you rarely need to touch it

    if you do end up finding any sims please let me know, even if they cost money :)

    you may find if your willing to pay, you can rent out remote lab space online, some include PIX and IDS and VPN concentrators for security labs, might help, but it will get costly

    saying that a new pix 515 costs 5K and up
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