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Finding a job and getting CVs to the employer

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by dazza007, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. dazza007

    dazza007 New Member

    I chased up a trainee position today to find out that my CV was not sent to the company via the recruitment agency. The company asked not to send any more applications, I applied 2 days after the vacancy was published! I have not chased up many applications from recruitment agencies as it is difficult to get a reply 'if you have not been successful'
    This has got me wondering how many applications has 'vanished'. Then thinking about it I have had more success in getting an interview when I applied directly to the employer.
    My main concern is that there are very few positions advertised that aren't advertised through a recruitment agency.
    I have COMPTIA A+ and Network and am studying for the 70-680 and following a few interviews I have started looking at Windows Server 2008 and am looking to get a helpdesk/1st line position.
    Sorry if this sounds a little ranting,
    Dazza :)

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