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Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Mark, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. Mark

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    Been doing the TSE course for about 7 months now, got A+ under my belt and hopfully 210 in about a month or so. I am currently working in an IT environment for a document solutions company servicing network copiers. So I suppose I do have a foot on the first rung to being an IT professional, and I could say I have some experience. I do have a strategy, I'm not one of these get rich quick merchants but like a lot of people, I would at some point in the future, like to be rewarded for my hard work and financial commitment. I am quite happy to stay where I am for a while and start looking for another position when I reach MCSA.

    The main reason for this post is as I said my disillusionment, I visit customers every day and have to install a copier onto a companies network, so I have to deal with network administrators quite a lot and some of them quite frankly haven't got a clue. How do these people get the job!!
    When looking at advertisments for jobs, the salarys been offered are a joke, a lot less than I'm on now. So it makes me wonder how am I ever going to break into the world of say network admin? There are days when I think I've wasted four grand, but I'm no quitter. I know I have (or will have) the ability to pursue a rewarding and challenging career.
    As anyone had similar feelings about getting a job in IT?
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    Mmm, an all too common message, Mark !

    I'm not even in IT, and have yet to even have an interview for it, but I'm still doing the work (as you are too), and take heart from the support of others - there is success out there, just a matter of determination, Iguess !

    All the best in the meantime
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    I've stewed over that 'four grand' tag for some time and until recently thought I had been done in. The centre where I sat the mos exams offer a 3 day course and sit the exam at the end of it for £500. That would mean £2500 to get the masters, when I look at it that way I'm getting the MCSD for a meer £1500 now and I still have all my office books and software for keeps, which I would not have had doing it with the centre. A bit off the original topic but I hope this makes you feel better.
  4. Mark

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    Thanks for the replys, I know your right and I am determined.
    The four grand wouldn't stick in the throat so much if you felt more certain of getting on the ladder for a realistic salary.
    Certifications: A+, Network+, MCSA+M, MCSE:2000

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