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FDM academy

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by thurft, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. thurft

    thurft New Member

    I have passed the FDM academy assessment day and I am currently entitled to start working with them soon (bah start the training). But i have been sent the training agreement and some clauses seem rather dodgy.

    Has anyone worked/trained with them or know someone that has been with them and have anything positive or negative to say about them????

    I would really apreciate a PM or a reply to this post with further information as there are some really nasty reviews out there always from ppl that didnt take the training.... so no really useful.... I would like to know how is it like from people that have actually been with them.

    Thank you!
  2. sidimmu

    sidimmu Bit Poster

    Hi ya,
    i am actually starting my training with them on the 12th september, now i have always been cautious about TP's and so on, but i have a few friends that work internally for them and it is completely legit, of course they are going to have clauses which do not seem right to you but its covering their own back since you do not pay for any training received.
  3. thurft

    thurft New Member

    I should start next week, but two friends that are lawyers saw the contract and they advice was "the contract is... in mild words... not good".. basically they said that everything in the contract make u liable for the money and that everything is mainly due their opinion rather than a fact or certain criteria.

    How long are your friends worked for them? are they happy? any rumours of people having problems??, How long did your friend get a contract with the different IT places for (in general)?

    after talking with my lawyer friends and see how they ranked the contract im so worried!...

    I would really appreciate some more info

  4. zxspectrum

    zxspectrum Gigabyte Poster Premium Member

    They were in uni a few months back and the way they describe to me was like this. You do the training and then get a job, however te job can be anywhere in the UK, at a moments notice, plus everything else seemed to good to be true, so i decided against it.

    In respect to jobs, if its not from the horses mouth, ie the employer, and they are chasing you, they are only after one thing really. Read the small print yourself, and if you can decipher some of the language

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  5. Redford

    Redford New Member

    I have and as zxspectrum says read the small print

    "I have passed the FDM academy assessment day and I am currently entitled to start working with them soon"

    I think you'll find that you are not so much entitled to start working for them as much as you are forced to attend their office for the next 6-9 months between the hours of 9 - 530 for no pay. Only after that time has elapsed can you leave if FDM haven't found you a job ( whether you want the job that they offer you ( if they offer you a job) or not is irrelevant - you have to take it)

    "the contract is... in mild words... not good".. You don't have to be a lawyer to see that with respect. Any contract that won't let you leave them without paying $30,000 is one that you should be very cautious of.

  6. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator

    FDM - Free Download Manager? :tongue

    BTW, the thread was started over a year ago. The original poster must have experienced his 6-9 months already.
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  7. David_madona

    David_madona New Member

    Hi, can anyone who has been selected by Fdm message me? I need to talk for info. Thanks guys

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