Fast Wi-Fi standard set to splinter

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    Fast Wi-Fi standard set to splinter

    Just when we thought the fast Wi-Fi standard was well underway, it looks like the big chip-makers are about to undermine an agreement in the IEEE. Intel, Broadcom, Atheros and Marvell have formed an alliance to work on a MAC for fast Wi-Fi, which will be presented to the IEEE in November, at the same time as the official IEEE 802.11n fast Wi-Fi task group is due to report, according to a story in EE Times. Intel and the rest have not explained the move in any detail, but are already being accused of trying to take over the IEEE process, even to the extent of allegedly violating anti-trust laws - by excluding other players such as Airgo, which makes the only widely adopted chips in the market which use MIMO technology intended to double Wi-Fi speeds.

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