Farewell, Hotmail: Microsoft previews Outlook.com, ending longtime webmail brand

Discussion in 'News' started by dales, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Hotmail to be replaced by Outlook.com in Microsoft switch

    Microsoft is overhauling its free webmail service, dropping the Hotmail brand it has used since acquiring the product in 1998, and adopting the name Outlook.com.

    Full Story here
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    1. LukeP
      I really like it.
    2. SimonV
      I like it too.:)
    3. Theprof
      Same here... Like it a lot.
    4. dales
      yes I've had a quick play with it too and it seems pretty good, dont forget to try and snap up your names guys before someone else does! I wonder how long it'll be before I get the first hackedn outlook.com email in my inbox ;)
    5. csx
      I like it as well, just waiting for an Android app (due out soon) and ill probably move my domain from Google apps to this.
    6. Boycie
      Another vote from me! Just logged in using my hotmail account and added same for Outlook.com before someone else had it! Does anyone know if MS will eventually drop the hotmail.co.uk domain or keep delivering as usual?
    7. LukeP
      From what I know (Can't remember where I read it), they will decomission hotmail completely but domains: hotmail.com/co.uk, live.co.uk, etc. will stay available as aliases. I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon though.
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    8. dmarsh
      Actually I find all the new 'metro style' UI's rather hard on the eyes. A lot of the colours are too similar with low contrast for important text. Also many borders are removed making it hard to figure out where areas begin or end.

      I'm also getting various errors which I didn't get with the old hotmail.
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    9. Boycie
      Cheers Luke!
    10. JK2447
      I think its clean and crisp but I don't know what is wrong with me, I'm getting old or something because I like the old stuff. I like that HoTMaiL had HTML in it ha ha
      dmarsh likes this.
    11. LukeP
      Lol! That's proper geeky. I never noticed that.
      jk2447 likes this.
    12. mojorisin
      Looks good but someone has my outlook.com address already !
    13. JK2447
      Mate I have to tone down how much of a geek I am seriously ha ha Somebody stop me :S
    14. GSteer
      1 million in the first day, I'm not surprised unfortunately - it was a name land grab of epic proportions.
    15. SimonV
      Oh really, looking forward to that. :)
    16. andylad9
      AHhhh - the organised freak in me decided I must now reorganise my inbox so it's suitable for my new @outlook.com account. Just spent the last 2hrs doing it, but my my my it feels good now phew.

      Loving the new look.
    17. csx
      Just found out that you can configure an Exchange account pointing to the new outlook within Android - so I'm not sure if an app is needed now! Should mean contacts are then viewable within the contacts app via Android. Also it seems you can have more than one Exchange account set within Android. Win.

      When configuring an Exchange account, put in your email and password and hit next. On the next screen you'll need to change the server from outlook.com to snt-m.hotmail.com and use your full email address as the username.

      Username: [email protected]
      Server: snt-m.hotmail.com

      Time to move over then \o/
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    18. SimonV
    19. csx
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