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Experts Exchange

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by Arroryn, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Arroryn
    Honorary Member

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed

    Good morrow dudes (and indeed dudettes)

    You have probably all used Experts Exchange at some point in work (and maybe sometimes studying too). Now, sometimes it seems that their Google bug (where you Google the answer then scroll all the way bottom past the ads) is fixed, sometimes it isn't. Still, I don't know whether or not you knew you can get Experts Exchange membership for free.

    How? Answer questions for people! :)

    And don't get intimidated by this. One of my most recent solutions was a sync issue in iTunes.

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    EE is great at work (and for finding out little nuggets of joy when studying). Check it out, hopefully some of you will find this useful!
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