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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by tech2study, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. tech2study

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    Just wanted to share cool website i found with everyone.
    This guy has over 200 exam Q&A for sale. They are $3.50 per exam (take that Testking)
    I bought ccna from him and i passed it with ease.
    I compared questions from him to the ones from testking and they are identical. The only difference is the price. 10 times cheaper!!!

    site is **********

    Just click on Exam List

    I am studying right now for BSCI (CCNP) and soon as read both of my Cisco Press books i will get BSCI from him.

    Admin Edit (J): Braindump link removed
  2. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Hey Dude - maybe you missed our Rules & Guidelines which clearly specify our policy on copied exam materials and braindumps. Maybe you should read them now ........
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  3. tripwire45
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    Glad you caught this one, Gav. It is *so* obvious that this person's means of income is a grade A spammer. I doubt he's studied anything besides "larceny 101".
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  4. nugget
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    nugget Junior toady

    Oops, too late.:(
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