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exam set and ready to go

Discussion in 'A+' started by sd012q, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. sd012q

    sd012q Bit Poster

    booked my exam for the 18 of sep and got my mike myers book today and really getting worried if i fail on this
    cost me £111 for the 1st exam so really hoping i do pass

    is there any tips anyone can give me to help me pass and clam me down lol
    wife keeps saying it will be ok and i will pass been doing pcs now for many years just hoping everything gos ok
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  2. TruthOrDare

    TruthOrDare Bit Poster

    Take your time and don't rush it. The A+ is more than just an exam in that the knowledge you gain from it is used in the real world. Rushing through it and not absorbing the knowledge will not help you in the long run.

    Read the book chapter by chapter, then go back and read it again, this time taking notes on points you forgot or are likely to forget. Once you have gone through the whole book again, read through your notes. Then use the exam map (at the back of the AIO book), making sure you can do/know everything that is listed.

    Then you should be ready for the exams, and you should feel confident that you've prepared as much as you can for them.

    You can usually reschedule exams if you don't feel you are ready to take the exam. Check your exam provider for details.
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  3. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    you shouldn't be paying full price for the exam. You can by discount vouchers from www.gracetechsolutions.com

    Good luck with it :)
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  4. MichaelUK

    MichaelUK Bit Poster

    Stay focused, keep on track, if in doubt cancel and rebook at a later date.
    Good Luck
    Certifications: A+ taken back in 1997
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  5. Adrian.Popescu

    Adrian.Popescu Byte Poster

    Make an everyday study plan, goals that you want to achieve daily, weekly and so on. Stick to your plan, your confidence will increase rapidly as you read and understand every chapter. Good luck. Think POSITIVE!
    Certifications: City&Guild's Level2&3, CompTIA A&N+, MCP
  6. sd012q

    sd012q Bit Poster

    thank you im taken it one day at a time i dident really think i would be this worryed about taken the test
    my wife is saying ill pass and helping me with the some of the test Qs just going over and over the the chapters to make sure i really read it right the 1st time

    ive waited about 3 years to take this test so really hope i pass
    i will be on here a lot over the next few weeks asking bits and bobs so i really hope you all dont mind if i ask for some pro help now and then many thanks again
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  7. G_uk

    G_uk Bit Poster

    Make sure you take plenty of practice exams, that will give you a good indication of where you are.

    Most importantly though is stay focused and use positive visualisation!
  8. sd012q

    sd012q Bit Poster

    i have give myself a 3 day rest to try and stay on top with out pushing myself
    so tomorrow ill start again reading my book and taking some practice exams
    i dident think it would be this hard to stay focused on trying something i have always loved doing :rolleyes:
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