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Evidence mounting: Windows 7 going modular, subscription

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. tripwire45
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    Evidence mounting: Windows 7 going modular, subscription

    When Windows 7 launches sometime after the start of 2010, the desktop OS will be Microsoft's most "modular" yet. Having never really been comfortable with the idea of a single, monolithic desktop OS offering, Microsoft has offered multiple desktop OSes in the marketplace ever since the days of Windows NT 3.1, with completely different code bases until they were unified in Windows 2000. Unification isn't necessarily a good thing, however; Windows Vista is a sprawling, complex OS. A singular yet highly modular OS could give Microsoft the best of all possible worlds: OSes that can be highly customized for deployment but developed monolithically. One modular OS to rule them all, let's say.

    Full story at ars technica.
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    1. The_Geek
      That would be nice.

      Thanks Trip.
    2. BosonMichael
      Subscription? They're *really* wanting people to stay with XP, aren't they? :blink
    3. The_Geek
      Either that or they secretly want everyone to switch to Linux.

      Sorry, couldn't resist.
    4. derkit
      Does that not make Vista like ME? In the sense, within 2/3 years of release, the "new" OS was out - ME -> XP; Vista -> Win7?
    5. Phoenix
      not really, XP - Vista was the only large jump since 95

      95 - 98 - ME(99)-2k-XP(2k1)-Vista(2k7)
      ME was nothing more than a stop gap, Vista is a massive change

      Sub based is not a turn off, if the sub is right, great!
    6. BosonMichael
      Yes... IF the price is right. It all depends on what they are going to charge.
    7. simongrahamuk
      Indeed the idea of a subscription based OS does seem a good one to me. *If* its sold correctly. :biggrin
    8. GiddyG
      And what's in it... if it does nothing over and above XP or Vista, then why change? Especially if it needs more expensive hardware...
    9. hbroomhall
      But do you honestly think the great mass of 'users' will accept subscriptions?

      I assume that M$ would have various options, including non-sub purchase for at least the 'home' variants.

    10. BosonMichael
      Most users simply don't understand software subscriptions. For example, many users still think that if they buy anti-virus software, they can use it forever. Sadly, anyone who has supported home users knows that this thought process occurs far too often. That may change when subscription-based software is more prevalent... but there's going to be "growing pains" before users get used to it. I can just see the tidal wave of support calls when the first batch of Windows 20xx OSes expire.
    11. derkit
      Or MS will turn around and give 2-year subscriptions out - most home users would know the difference between a 2-year sub and a PC they bought off the shelf.

      Trying to get a month sub out of the average user - that'll be a hard one to market.

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