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    My friend is getting the following error on his web pages

    Line 12
    char 3
    error invalid character
    code 0
    url www.whatever page he is on

    This happens on internet explorer. He was trying to get an update for his panda virus software and this happened. He beleives his nephew was trying to download some blue tooth software before the problems began. I had a look and basically you cannot download anything due to this fault. What can I do to resolve this issue ? He is using win 98 and you cant even download windows updates. Any help is muchly appreciated. Cheers !
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    This is a javascript error. Go to Internet Explorer > Tools > Options > Advanced and make sure the "disable script debugging" box is checked.

    IE will normally just ignore the vast majority of javascripting errors it runs across, but if the script debugger is enabled it will bark a lot. There is a ton of scripting out there that will just plain old fail on one browser or another, or is just plain old buggy script.
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    I'd imagine if this happens on every page you visit this would rule out it being a java script error?

    I would start out by downloading FireFox and see if the same thing happens on these pages.

    If not;
    Click Start - Run
    Type 'msinfo32.exe'
    Click OK
    System Information will open
    Click Tools (tool bar) -> Internet Explorer Repair Tool

    If this still dont work;
    Click Start - Run
    Type 'rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 %windir%\inf\ie.inf'
    Click Ok

    You will need the Windows 98 CD for both procedures.

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  4. ffreeloader

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    Good info.

    I hadn't seen that way of repairing/reinstalling IE before. I figured that the error was just so frustrating that it seemed like "every" page has an error. When I was playing with javascript I had enabled the script debugger and was amazed at how many times IE would complain when I would forget to turn the debugger off. After a while it seemed like "every page" would fail.
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