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Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by billy bottom, Aug 4, 2005.

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    hi there,

    just got the mike myers A+ book in the post, gonna start reading it from saturday and hope to get the whole thing done in around 10 months (if that sounds realistic?). one thing that i've been wondering though, if all i do is read the book and fiddle about with some computers of mine and my friends, what chance do i have of getting my foot in the door for any IT job?

    what kind of IT jobs would i be able to look at as entry level, considering this will be all the experience i have?


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    What kind of jobs would you look at as entry level, with an A+?

    I guess you'd be looking at helpdesk, junior or trainee technician. One of my mates had no IT qualifications, just heart for IT, and he got a job as an IT technician - the same level as another mate of mine with a BSc. I guess it depends on the company you'll be applying for.

    For your first IT job hope for a fast acceptance but expect alot of rejects (I had quite a few years rejections before I landed my first IT job), but that just makes the first job you land that much sweeter.
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    From what i've gathered on this forum Billy is get stuck into those computers and learn what you can, that is so important.

    I dont have a PC to take to bits and put together again but i would find it a great advantage to go through the lessons in the book with a PC beside me as i would understand what going on more clearly.

    I'm with a training provider but i have also bought the MM book as it will be great for reference in the future, instead of raking through a pile of folders.

    In the Employment and Jobs forum i asked a question a week of two ago about "Entry Level Skills", have a look in there to see if that might help you along. :biggrin
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    Billy, experience comes in all shapes and sizes. Sure, you have to start somewhere and for you right now, "somewhere" is reading the Meyers book and applying it as much as possible with whatever equipment you have handy. That will get you familiar with how PCs are put together, how to install RAM, swap out a PCI card, upgrade a CPU, things like that.

    After you have gained a certain amount of comfort in these sorts of tasks, you can volunteer to help repair your friends' computers, maybe offer to do some free work for a local non-profit agency that needs hardware or software installed or the like. Look for opportunities to use and develop your PC maintanence and repair skill sets. All of that stuff is good material for a CV. You never know where it can lead. Good luck.
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    like the guys said experience comes from many places and sources... i just got my 1st real IT job two days ago and i was searching for a while (okay im in the UK) but if you have the chance and you can do some unpaid trainee work like i did soon after getting my A+ - i can tell you it helped me land this job! :biggrin
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