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Enterasys C2 and SAN Communication

Discussion in 'Networks' started by drumbuster, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. drumbuster

    drumbuster New Member

    Hello friends,
    Would appreciate it if anyone can help me out with this.
    I have a C2 switch with 4 VLANS on it: Server, Client, Telephone & External.
    I am trying to connect the SAN on to the same VLAN as the server i.e, the Server VLAN. But I'm unable to get any kind of communication between the existing servers and SAN (no pings, nothing at all). This is after disabling the firewalls on te servers.
    The servers are on a aggregated links and the SAN for testing purpose is on a single link. The SAN does not allow me to configure anything more then an IP address, a subnet mask and a default gateway in its network configuration box.
    The servers can ping one another and across the VLAN's where necessary.
    The VLAN's are allowed egress across the necessary ports and the LACP port.
    Has anyone encountered this issue before?
    I have asked this to the tech. support guys at enterasys as well, have'nt heard from them for a while though, so I thought I might as well drop a line here, just in case someone has cracked it.
    Any suggestions would be welcome.
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