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    Phones 4U has banned its 2,500 staff from emailing each other. John Caudwell, the owner of the mobile phone retailer, reckons the move will save his employees three hours a day(three hours?!) and his company at least a £1m a month in time saved.

    Caudwell told the Press Association: "I saw that email was insidiously invading Phones 4u so I banned it immediately.

    "Management and staff at HQ and in the stores were beginning to show signs of being constrained by email proliferation - the ban brought an instant, dramatic and positive effect."

    Staff are still allowed to respond to external emails, he said. That should ward off any complaints on human rights grounds...®

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    1. flex22
      I bet he wouldn't mind if they were texting each other.

      Ching! Ching!
    2. Phil
      :lol: I bet you're right flex, maybe thats his evil masterplan
    3. flex22
      That name just clicked with me "John Caudwell."

      I remember seeing a documentary on the guy.

      He's a real down to earth, self-made man, rising from nowt.

      He flys his own helicopter around his empire and you should see his mansion.

      Oooh, I ain't jealous.I mean what's money, nothing, as long as I'm happy, I have clothes on my back, who needs a helicopter and massive mansion, I mean what do you need all those rooms for..........................................................
    4. Phil
      .... you need all those rooms to fill them with computers of course! whole computer labs full of unreal tournament serv....&lt;ahem&gt; I mean test environments :)

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