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Email issues again!

Discussion in 'Software' started by Theprof, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    One of my weakness is Exchange, I never really administered it and this year I would honestly have to say that I've gotten more experience and understanding of exchange than I would from studying or practice labs. We are having some real bad luck with Exchange this year, I don't know I guess you can call it Murphy's law. A few months ago I posted a thread about having issues with one of our exchange databases. It was really large in size, close to 400GB and we had close to 200 mailboxes in that mail store. We started having issues where mail store 1 would just freeze effecting everyone in that store only. With 200 users being in that store, that's half the company. We tried a whole bunch of things and in the end the best and safest route was to split that big Exchange DB into 5 smaller DB's and move everyone out of the store. We did that and the issue went away.

    Then yesterday all of a sudden the issue came back. You can imagine what we felt like, and it's one of those issues that a fix would work for everyone else but not us, the issues that we were getting were "Cleanup of the DeliveredTo table for database". As soon as we got this we basically could expect that store would stop working and it did. Looking around we didn't find much that could help us. Every suggestion that worked for others would not work for us...

    Then my colleague was working on an email issue the other day for one of our users and noticed that the users outlook was set in OST mode... Offline Caching on a workstation and had close to 700 conflicts. We thought it was odd and changed her client back to normal setup which is directly of exchange and not cached mode. This was done on a Friday and then sure enough on Monday the Exchange issues started happening again, only this time it was with the second storage group which is where this user was moved from the first storage group which where the original issue started. I just put her back on to the OST and sure enough no more exchange issues. Looks like the issue is with the users mailbox... tonight I am going to create another mailbox store, move the user over to the mailbox store, back it up and run ISINTEG and ESEUTIL on the DB and try and repair it, it's only 3GB. This is honestly one of those needle in a hay stack issues and I am hoping that we landed on the needle!
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