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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by st giles, Nov 10, 2005.

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    Hi guys and gals,
    My friend has bought a dvd writer with which he is using Win Dvd software. It plays dvd copies and vcd's but it will not play a original dvd. When it asks what language you would like to watch it in and he selects english it says it will not proceed and waffles on about a decoder of some sort :rolleyes: .
    Can anybody shed some light on this please. I look forward to your replies.
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    You might have heard of regions for DVD's....
    When DVD players started of they could only play region 1 or 2. People were buying DVD players and then realising they couldn't watch the films they wanted!
    Have you tried playing the film using Windows Media Player?
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    You might want to check this site out clickable link

    Everything you need to know and more regarding DVDs and other media info. Also methods of circumventing the regional codes etc.
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    Out of the box Windows will not play anything that uses MPEG2, and this includes DVDs. This is a licensing problem.

    See if you have a copy of WinDVD or PowerDVD and install those (if you havn't they are very cheap in the fairs).

    You will then find that in addition to those apps playing them Windows Media Player will as them.

    I suspect that the DVD 'copies' that you mention are DIVX files, which is a different system. And VCDs are MPEG1 so the problem doesn't arise.

    The Win DVD software you mention *may* be the writing software, but you need to check.

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