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Disk consistency

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SolidSponge, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. SolidSponge

    SolidSponge Bit Poster

    Hey guys

    I've recently partitioned my drive with Partition Magic 8 and now every time I boot up I get Windows telling me it needs to check the D drive for consistency! Dunno why as when it checks it comes back with no errors!?

    Any ideas anyone?
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  2. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator

    Not sure if this is the same thing. But your drive maybe "dirty".

    Possible 7 ways to solve this problem...

    1. Run: chkdsk /f - Permanent Solution. The ''dirty bit'' is set on this partition.
    2. Defrag the Partition!
    3. Bad Sectors? Run HD Disk Manufacturer's Disk Utilities.
    4. Running ''Crypkey Service'', ''Crypkey License,'' and ''NetworkX'' driver? They lock the system drive. Disable, run chkdsk /f then re-enable Services. A software licensing service.
    5. Using an outdated Kensington Mouse driver? Don't! Check with Kensington for an Updated Driver.
    6. When all else fails... Do a clean installation of Windows. Install in a separate directory and reboot to that installation. This should allow chkdsk /f to run and clear the dirty bit.
    7. HD Imaging problems? Reset chkdsk bit before restoring an image = chkdsk /f / r

    Judging by the info you've already given, I suggest you try number 7 first of all - run the chkdsk /f /r at the command prompt, then restart and see if it happens again.

    See here for more info.

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  3. SolidSponge

    SolidSponge Bit Poster

    You know, I thought I'd already tried that. The chkdsk /f command. Just done it now and it's worked.
    I'm sure I tired it, honestly :blink

    Oh well, thanks anyway :D
    Certifications: A+, MCP (70-270)
    WIP: 70-290

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