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    [​IMG]<font size="3">Developer Exams Spotlight Security </font>
    Microsoft plans to beta test two new security-related developer exams April 21 through May 4.

    Having announced a slew of exams on the networking operating systems side in the past three months, Microsoft Corp. is now turning its attention to new security-focused exams for developers. The company recently just posted information on two new exams:
    • 71-330 Implementing Security for Applications with Visual Basic .NET
    • 71-340 Implementing Security for Applications with Visual C# .NET
    Exam 70-330, numbered 71-330 while in beta, carries stringent requirements--Microsoft recommends that candidates have at least three or more years of experience. Exam 70-340 (71-340 in beta) has similar experience recommendations. Both exams are expected to be beta tested April 21 through May 4, according to information posted on the Pearson Vue testing site.

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