Dell warns on fire-risk laptops

Discussion in 'News' started by Fergal1982, Oct 8, 2004.

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    Dell warns on fire-risk laptops

    Computer giant Dell is to recall 4.4 million laptop power adapters because of a fear they could overheat, creating a risk of fire or electric shock.

    The company said it had received seven reports of overheating, though no injuries had been reported.

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    1. Phoenix
      thats what you get for buying from a company that only uses components from the cheapest bidder :)

      just look at the darn space shuttles!
    2. noelg24
      and then Phoenix will be buying his own shuttle soon no doubt!
    3. Jakamoko
      LOL @ NoelG :biggrin

      Didn't know Dell built Shuttles anyway :scratch
    4. Phoenix
      i was referencing the type of companies who just get the lowest builder to supply vital components for thier product, rather than the larger picture :)

      no shuttle yet noel

      but i really want to save up to fly Virgin Galactic :)
      110K though, dropping in price as demand picks up
    5. noelg24
      well then keep demanding Phoenix you never know you may only have to pay with your 1TB...if Sir Branson is in need of 1TB that he has enough as it is already...
    6. Phoenix
      noel, as mentioned before
      1TB of disks today costs under 450 quid
      perhaps you were mislead into thinking i spent a fortune on disks, but this ofcourse is not the case
    7. Jakamoko
      NoelG, have I offered you this before ? If not, I can see if I can hook you up with a slice of the 3TB I have at work ? :D Just a thought ...
    8. Phoenix
      only 3 jak? bloody ell, the place i used to work must of generated mroe than 3TB of raw data a year (it was a hedge fund with some statistical arbitrage, and used some fancy genology theory work to find patterns in financial market data, go figure) company was 5 years old, we had about 18TB of data in our SAN :)

      all fiber channel disks on an FC SAN, disks cost about 1k each (146GB versions)
      arrays cost way more, and the fabric deployment cost about the price of a large 4 bed semi in london :P
    9. Jakamoko
      lol ! Hey, come on, it's only for my music and sh1t :biggrin
    10. Phoenix
      now if that were true, it would be bloody l33t :)

      we had 2 80GB in Raid0 on our own little tech server for music and stuff, save us all having the same stuff locally :)

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