Dell takes Linux to mainstream.

Discussion in 'News' started by nugget, Jul 23, 2004.

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    Dell takes Linux to mainstream.

    HARDWARE gaint Dell Computer is to launch a line of of desktop systems running Linux to be sold in Europe by a reseller, broadening alternative offerings to Microsoft's ubiquitous Windows software.

    The computers, which are being sold online by Questar of Milan, will ship with Lindows's Linspire operating system — in English or Italian-language versions — and will receive Dell technical support, Questar said.

    Full story: here
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    1. Phoenix
      This is not entirely true

      Dell sells alot of 'whitebox' systems to 3rd parties to set up and brand as thier own, one of these companies is going to install linux on the systems, not Dell, but I think dell are using the publicity (correct or not) to guage public interest :)
    2. Sandy
      IMHO Linux is not quite ready for the mass market. :(

      There are few people who really understand it, no certification stream is established (I know that LPI is trying to get established as I do have an exam to do from them). The big question I always ask is "Could my Mother use this?" insert your own answer here and see what conclusions you draw.
    3. punkboy101
      I agree with you there Sandy, it'll be a few years yet before regular users are using Linux. I find MS OS's very user friendly, and not that hard to pickup and use with only a little knowledge. Even then, the average user (in my experience anyway) has problems using MS software. People tend to rely far too much on techies for simple task's, wich they are either to stupid or ignorant to do, such as placing paper in printers, finding file's they have saved, ect ect ect, I'm sure most of you have been there, trying to smile, and trying to keep the flying fist's of death at your side. [​IMG]

      Anyway, this kinda turned into my Sunday morning rant, and I'm finished now[​IMG]

    4. AJ
      Too true, too true

    5. Jakamoko
      I must have missed this thread. I tend to agree with the sentiments above, esp the "Mother factor" :D

      Also, I was tickled by punkboys comments too. The smile wears thin fairly quickly, eh guys ? :blink

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