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CV Suggestions......

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Ropenfold, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. Ropenfold

    Ropenfold Kilobyte Poster

    Hi All,

    I've been updating my CV and trying to sort it out as I'd like to start applying for some jobs in the next few months along with continuing my MCDST. I got my A+ in December. Its just tough writing the CV. I feel like I'm banging my head off a brick wall at the moment. I've attached it, any suggestions on how I could improve it would be most helpful!! I've had a look around online and at the pinned posts which have all been helpful. I'm just looking at the standard entry level support job, I'm just struggling with the experience. :(

    Attached Files:

    Certifications: BSC (Hons), A+, MCDST, N+, 70-270,
    WIP: ITIL V3
  2. demarrer

    demarrer Byte Poster

    Hi Im in the same position as you at the moment, however trying the same thing but in france!

    for what its worth here are some suggestions. Hope it helps.

    - keep it to one page if you can- increase the margins etc
    - cut the description, and any repetitions in the cv.. if you mentioned you are a team player once, thats enough!
    -play up your degree and the skills you have learnt i.e harden up sentenses like

    • Learnt basic skills in C and Java programming through designing and building object oriented programs ...

    you could just put

    • C and Java programming through designing and building object oriented programs

    - I think the volunteering work makes you sound interesting so put that nearer the top if you can

    -- get rid of the profile statement... your skills and current experiences speak for themselves.

    o.k gonna shut up now and start looking for more jobs myself lol

    hope it helps

    Certifications: A+, Security +, CCNA, CCSA
    WIP: music, (dreaming of) CCIE Security :D

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