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CV help

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Codename_48, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Codename_48

    Codename_48 New Member

    Hi guys would it be at all possible if you could take a look at my CV, see if i can make it better as I'm really going for an entry level job in IT. I really don't care if they pay me in peanuts i just really need the expierience. Any constructive criticsm, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
    Thanks so much in advance,


    Professional profile

    A highly self-motivated and ambitious professional with a keen interest and enthusiasm for computers and technology demonstrating skills in troubleshooting hardware, software and operating systems. Quick to familiarise himself with new technologies and industry developments with a logical and analytical approach to problem solving. Capable of adapting to new situations, adopts a positive attitude to change and maximises all opportunities to improve his personal performance. Works equally effectively on own initiative and as part of a team with a strong customer focus demonstrated in the most challenging environments.


    Currently looking for a new and suitably challenging entry level position in the IT industry, one which will make best use of existing skills and experiences whilst enabling further personal and professional development.

    Career summary

    Sales Assistant

    * Playing a key role in the sale of alternative clothing and in the promotion, design and sale of custom t-shirts produced according to specific customer requirements
    * Advising customers of the latest promotions and providing information on the range of services on offer including piercing

    Key Achievements

    * Making a significant personal contribution to a 110% increase in sales of custom t-shirt printing
    * Successfully achieving often challenging deadlines in the face of a demanding workload whilst remaining focused on ensuring high quality output at all times
    * Receiving numerous compliments from satisfied customers for attention to detail and creativity resulting in word of mouth recommendations and repeat business
    * Contributing directly to a significant improvement in the levels of morale amongst other members of staff

    Deputy Manager

    * Working in close conjunction with the Manager to ensure the smooth running of the busy stationery store, ensuring that all staff are motivated towards the achievement of targets and the delivery of service excellence
    * Assisting with general administrative duties associated with the business including completing paperwork and stock takes and dispatching sales reports to head office
    * Building positive relationships with customers and utilising expert product knowledge to sell electrical office equipment based on their individual needs

    Key Achievements

    * Playing a pivotal role in the implementation of store promotions aimed at maximising sales and improving the customer experience
    * Assuming responsibility for the management and motivation of under-performing members of the team and encouraging them to improve levels of performance

    Sales Assistant

    * Advising customers on the best movies and video games available for rent or purchase, processing till transactions and organising stock on the shop floor

    Key Achievements

    * Personally selected to manage an assigned department and initiating the implementation of improved visual merchandising resulting directing in increased sales of pre-owned DVDs

    Web Consultant

    * Playing a pivotal role in the development, maintenance and management of an online alternative clothing store
    * Responsible for the population of the website and for all aspects of graphic design as well as creating and uploading new web content and coordinating search engine optimisation

    Career summary cont.

    * Liaising directly with hosting companies and technical support teams to ensure the full availability and functionality of the site and to improve the online experience for customers

    Key Achievements

    * Additionally responsible for the maintenance of all computers used in the office and for advising the Company Director on new technology including hardware and software
    * Gaining invaluable and extensive experience in website coding using PHP as well as editing CSS templates

    Sales Assistant
    * Working primarily unsupervised to ensure the smooth running of the clothing department involving completing all necessary paperwork, planning staff rotas and collating weekly figures


    Sales Consultant

    * Managing the complete sales cycle on behalf of customers from the initial requirements gathering through to advising on product selection, arranging appointments with fitters and resolving any post-sales issues that arise

    Sales Assistant / Assistant Manager

    * Actively involved in the recruitment and selection of new members of staff, providing them with full training and motivating them to ensure exemplary customer service at all times
    * Contributing directly to the store winning a prize as the best performing store in the company

    Education and qualifications

    Installing, Configuring & Administering Windows XP Professional (2010)
    Media Studies, Photography & Video (2008)

    National Diploma in Media Studies (2005)

    10 GCSEs:
    Including English and Mathematics (2003)

    Further skills

    IT Proficiency:
    MS DOS, Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7, MS Office, Outlook, DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP, LAN, WLAN, Anti Virus and Firewalls

    Basic Spanish

    Interests and activities
    Currently include:

    Building, Repairing & Upgrading PCs & Laptops, Cooking, Cinema, Video Games, Ancient History, Music and Animals

    References are available on request
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    Certifications: MCP

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