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Courses to progress with Career?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by chris101, May 15, 2012.

  1. chris101

    chris101 Bit Poster

    I am currently in support.
    Worked in Desktop support for the past 3 years and prior service desk for another 2 years.

    Recently I finished off a long term contract in a reputable organisation that supported over 2000 users in IT support.

    Thankfully within a month I have now secured a desktop support technician role again that will tie be over until the end of the year.

    In the month I was off I got some self study Train Signal course on - MCITP Server 2008 Administrator

    I have completed few of their modules without any real issues.

    My main aim now is to continue some courses that will open my doors into -

    1. virtulisation - I want to setup my own virtual lab so I can setup windows server 2008 and set up a few clients to test the environment. (need to learn from scratch - either VMWARE or/and HYPER-V)

    2. Server 2008 - Setting up and administrating exchange, design and administrating AD, SCCM

    3. Cloud technology

    Would it be better to self study or go for some courses that I know I will not get any distractions and can commit to?
  2. SimonV

    SimonV Petabyte Poster Administrator

    Feel free to bump your thread if nobody replies within a few days. :)
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  3. Cunningfox

    Cunningfox Byte Poster

    I think you should decide what kind of job you want to be doing in a few years, do you want to be a virtualisation expert designing and supporting those type of systems, MS, VMWare or other? Do you want to be a systems admin with good AD and GP skills?

    I think a grounding in both is good for all round tech skills but if you go too deep into one area you may find yourself stuck doing one thing.

    As for self study vs instructor led course it's down to you personally, what works for you? How do you learn best? Do you have the self discipline to do the self study?
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