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Discussion in 'A+' started by Flamehearted, May 8, 2005.

  1. Flamehearted

    Flamehearted Nibble Poster

    Anyone help with these few things ?

    1) Do I need to know memory addresses for the exam ? There are hundereds ! But I have seen questions on asking about them.

    2) Are there 3 pio modes or 5 ? I thought it was 5 but again endless practice questions keep telling me there are 3.

    3) What is Int 13h support ? Its not on webopedia.

    4) Do you need to learn number of pins for all of the sockets ?

    Thanks all in advance ! :D

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  2. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    For a start, I found this:

    HTH :)
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    TOFFEEMAD Bit Poster

    Without wishing to give you a polticians answer I can give you some non-specific advice. make sure you know you're problem solving. You must be confident you know what to do in any given situation and why you are doing it!!! I spent many hours learning IRQ's memory addressess etc when I should have made sure that I could also cope with 'user' problems and situations. The A+ is a technicians course (sorry for stating the bleeding obvious) so Comptia want to make sure you can cope with a wide variety of user errors and problems. Dont get me wrong, you are expected to have a firm grasp of all the basics and some of the not so basic but understand what problems a user may present you with and make sure you can answer them! Dont get too hung up on practise exams because there is no point pre-empting what questions are going to be on the exam. Best of luck with everything!!! :D
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  4. Flamehearted

    Flamehearted Nibble Poster

    I doun't see how that can be right Toffeemad - you've got to study something and I get the impression certain questions come up more often than not - e.g the com ports, cpus, the ribbon on the floppy drive being on backwards....

    Its an exam also about knowledge of physical hardware so i get the impression there is a lot you can learn and memorize.

    Thanks anyway,

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