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Coping with the constant rejection!

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by millsie, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. millsie

    millsie Byte Poster

    Just wondering how people cope with the constant rejection in this industry when trying to further yourself into a new job?!!

    Getting plenty of agencies calling, and quite a few interviews so far this year but nothing!
    Keep getting feedback such as this:
    'You came across really well, and we really like you but...' and contradictions like...
    'we really need someone who is customer focussed and practical experience is not that important' but at the face to face 'have you done any practical stuff other than the lab' and not getting it on the basis of a lack of practical exp!!

    I'm already starting to struggle with all the rejections, false promises from agencies and even rejection in my current job!
    How does everyone cope with this? I'm not used to it! I have over a year solid helpdesk exp, and 3 decent beginner certs.

    I suppose will have to just keep going with it.:(
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  2. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    IT sucks.
    But I prefer a rejection over nothing - at least people have taken the trouble to consider you.
    It's better than chucking CVs down a black hole.

    You just need to be realistic about the state of the employment market.
    Nobody wants to recruit unless thay have to, too many people are still shedding jobs and still more are ring-fenced with all jobs being filled internally.

    The odds at landing a job are frightening.
    You just need to stay positive and treat every application like it's the only one. If you let it grind you down, it comes across in your other applications and interviews.
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  3. Theprof

    Theprof Petabyte Poster Premium Member

    It's normal to get rejections in the field of IT, there's so much competition that the employers are looking to hire the best they can. I applied for jobs and was rejected in the past... Sometimes it really boils down to being the right fit and not just being very technical. However just because you don't fit, does not mean that you're not good at what you do. No one is perfect for every role so don't worry about it.

    Don't look at rejection and criticize yourself over it, use it as an experience and learn from it. Sooner or later, you will get a job, it's a matter of timing.
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  4. jm1

    jm1 Bit Poster

    I wouldnt let agencies get you down either i have had horrible experienes with them but if your getting interviews your doing something right. As mentioned above its very competitive and sometimes it just comes down to whether you click with the interviewers you just need to keep going and eventually you will end up being the perfect fit for an employer.
  5. millsie

    millsie Byte Poster

    Thanks for the replies guys!

    Went for another interview today, again I think it's a no goer, don't think I did very well, you kinda know when so even more disappointment to come:(

    I suppose I am lucky to even get the interview in the first place, they must see something in my cv and phone interviews.
    But I just can't get past the first stage, don't know what I'm doing wrong in the F2F?
    I can only surmise I just haven't got that 'depth' of experience yet and unless I get a job that can give me that I am going to be in this era of hurt!!!

    Will have to try for less 'IT tech' roles and go for the 1st line bottom of the rung pure remote helpdesk stuff much like i'm doing now, but just hope there is a route in that new role for more hands on or networking exposure, even just a tiny bit of that!:dry
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  6. jm1

    jm1 Bit Poster

    Why do you think you did bad? Do you think your lack of technical skills or interview techniqie is letting you down? You should try to identify which and work on it.
  7. onoski

    onoski Terabyte Poster


    Don't be too harsh on yourself and work on your self esteem and confidence. I would also look through amazon's web site and invest in a book about interviews and techniques. Keep plugging away, be positive and don't let the rejections get to you as we all got rejected when first trying to land an IT role.

    To be honest for me I got more rejections it felt like it was the norm, but my break eventually came through. The trick is persistence, hard work and determination. Apply for every role that you feel confident you can do the job.

    In terms of agencies, well they would say anything to build your morale after all if you land the role its commission for them.
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  8. millsie

    millsie Byte Poster


    Thanks mate. Funnily enough I get more understanding on here than I do from my missus ha!
    Its true about agencies, theyre like vultures! Its all sell sell sell to them, my problem is that I only seem to get interviews through them, it seems the only way and without them I'd have nothing annoyingly!
    I sometimes wonder whether companies even look through your cv etc before the interview, or if the agency just talk you up first, interviewers always don't seem to have much of an idea about you beforehand?!

    Mate, I do feel confident in interviews I always have, but I suppose technical interviews are a lot different than what i'm used to, lot less to do with character/personality/customer skills/interpersonal skills etc!

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  9. mcbro

    mcbro Byte Poster

    Cant beat Rocky for some motivation when your feeling low or sorry for yourself :)
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  10. Tanner

    Tanner New Member

    Hi. I've just joined this and saw your post, I've got over 15 years experience and from my experience, it's just part of this Industry, and now with the job situation, probably most of the others too, there are so many for agencies and companies to choose from, one job I went for had over 9000 applicants. I've had tons of agencies not even replying after the initial first interest, you've just got to take it in your stride and not take it to personally, I know it's hard, keep your chin up and keep going you will get there eventually.
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  11. Lozler

    Lozler Bit Poster

    That's a good post tanner, i appreciate that advice.

    Bumping this thread up a bit because I think this is quite a good thread. I currently work in the aviation industry, and have had no problem in getting promotions and new jobs. When I had no experience at all, I had a lot of interviews, got a lot of job offers in the aviation sector with atleast 19k to start with (I live in London btw). With IT, I can't even get a call back. I've had false promises from agencies, and haven't secured an interview yet. I've re done my CV a few times, and I'm losing hope slightly.

    I've done my A+ very much in depth, use windows 7 on a daily bases and got a MCTS for that OS, and working towards my Network+. I've got a few java programs in my portfollio as well. It didn't bother me for a while that I wasn't getting a call, or atleast a successful application but now It's getting difficult to find the motivation to even complete my Network+.

    I've applied directly to one company which was IBM, and passed the application stage, however failed on their Maths type tests. Other than that, I don't really hear from all those vacancies I see on reed, totaljobs, jobsite etc.

    My friends from the IT department at the airport say the competition for IT jobs is crazy, and unless you have experience, it's really tough to get started within IT.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2011
  12. millsie

    millsie Byte Poster


    It is tough out there, believe it, not only does everyone and their mother want to get into IT such that especially in London there is sometimes 500-1000 applicants for 1 helpdesk position, it is even tough for someone like me who already has his first 1st line job to move on!
    I have had many knock backs so far this year, I want to move on from where I am as not giving me the type of exposure I want in Networking. It is unbelieveably difficult to get into any IT job at the moment unless you are highly experienced!

    1st line jobs are being advertised to look after servers, which is ridiculous, 1st line should not be working with servers which suggests to me that they want to pay less for more!
    Its gutting but hopefully will improve soon, I need to get out of here!:blink
    Certifications: N+, CCNA, MCDST
    WIP: CCNP route 642-902
  13. nugget
    Honorary Member

    nugget Junior toady

    Too true. When you get to the point where you start thinking that you don't really care about getting the job, that's mostly the time where you will get a job. It could be that you're trying too hard in the interview and come across as desperate and even begging. When you don't care then you're most likely to be the most relaxed and your passion for IT will come across as passion and not desperation.

    Don't worry about agencies. Their only interest is to make themselves money by placing "someone" in the job. If they think it's you then they're your best friend. If it's not you then they'll drop you like a hot potato. It's nothing personal.
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  14. Monkeychops

    Monkeychops Kilobyte Poster

    Crying mostly
  15. tech4life

    tech4life Bit Poster

    The first proper job interview I attended was for a senior IT tech at a secondary school which is about 2 minute walk from my house. I got through to the last six, shortlisted to the last three but came second.
    My second interview was from a desktop support technician at a large college. I got though to the last six but did not get the job.
    I obviously failed in certain areas but the positive feedback I received gave me a massive confidence boost.

    The first interview feedback I got was that I could move up the ranks quickly with my knowledge and practical skills. My second interview feedback (even though I waited a week and had to phone them to get the verdict) was I performed better then some people with more years experience in the industry. Both of these interviews were at the time when I was in an studying part time alongside my apprenticeship as an apprentice IT tech.

    I was disappointed with both turns out but I was very happy with the feedback I received from both interviews.
    I feel short on solutions to customers questions part of my assessment, did not sell my self enough, gave a more technical answer then a managerial answer.
    You have to really analyze the job description/person description and focus on all the key areas.
    Try to answers these requirements with the things you have done, not what you have done as a team or while assisting someone, that was my downfall on my second interview.

    Keep your head up, one will come along and see you potential rather then how you fit into their company's structure.
  16. Lozler

    Lozler Bit Poster

    Haha yeah my friend at the airport went for an entry level tech position, said there were about 800 applicants. It's just frustating because in the airport world I secured a job from 13,000 applicants with 12 positions available, and built a good career in that industry. Trying to build my CV to be IT related when all I've done is airport stuff is difficult and it feels like people who are fresh from uni would be getting picked over me for interviews because employers would look at my CV like 'Well what does this have to do with IT?!'

    What advice would people give designing a CV with no IT experience, but I'm certified in the things below. I've outlined in my profile what i want within IT and some general strengths. I've listed education first and bolded my IT stuff, and tried to incorperate the technology I use etc into my current work expeirence. I've done it all mainly in bullet points.

    yeah millsie a lot of the 1st line support jobs i'm seeing is looking after servers, which is annoying because I'd like to learn about servers atleast 6 months after being in a junior role. What do you do in your first line role at the moment? Is it enjoyable?
  17. jm1

    jm1 Bit Poster

    If you want to post your cv up or PM me it I am happy to provide you some advice on it. Couple of things i picked up on is listing education first - you should have the most recent experience on the top of your cv in order so if your recent experience is your airport job then it should be at the top of the CV.

    Secondly bolding certain skills at random is a bad idea you can bold headings and only headings dont bold your skills, you may think it draws there attention to your IT skills but it doesnt it just gives them a reason to put you in the no pile.

    People get so many CVs sent to them your making life easy for them to throw yours straight in the bin.

    Also if you are approaching your CV with the quote "what i want within IT" attitude then its not going to get far either.

    As i said if you want to post it up or pm me it i am happy to give you some tips.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2011

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