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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Tully, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Tully

    Tully Bit Poster

    I might be breaking the forum rules, by naming and shaming companies, and for that I apologise, but I just have to make my situation public, just so no one else falls into this trap.

    Having joined them 9 months ago (against the advice of many), I am now sat here, trying to cancel my contract. In the months of having been with computeach, I have heard from their careers support team a total of 17 times, when I say heard from, I mean gotten an e-mail from. The e-mails they send aren't to specific people, they are to everyone on a mailing list, so eventhought I am only doing my A+, I will recieve e-mails about SQL administrator jobs etc. There have been no direct contact with any of their career teams, no CV advice, no interviews (as stated under the terms and conditions)

    Despire numerous calls, e-mails, letters, Computeach maintain their material is fit for purpose, when in reality, it is just a book, and you get access to online forums and some videos which have a multiple choice questions at the end. Basically, all of what they provide can be gotten for less then £40. There is no 'interactive' learning modules, for interactive read watching a video then click on answers.

    But heres the kicker.... when I joined Computeach last year, I made it completley clear to them I did not want to enter any 3rd party finance, and the sales person assured me there wouldn't be any. However, I have only recently found out that I now owe money to Barclays Partner Finance and not Computeach, as Barclays have paid Computeach the full lump sum. Anyway, to cut a long story short, they will lie to customers to get their signatures, and whilst I have no one to blame but myself, I just hope no one else falls into this trap.

    Do not join, go the route of self study.
  2. greenbrucelee
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    greenbrucelee Zettabyte Poster

    Thanks for the insight, this may be of use to others as most people on here will know I wouldn't trust any training provider if you paid me.

    As for your situation you maybe on a no winner as you must have signed a finance agreement at some point as no one can take finance in your name.

    Signing the agreement with computeach their must have been something along the lines of "you must pay your course fee to us either by payment in full or through our finance agent".

    Find your contract and have a proper read through it as I doubt there will be anything you can do now.
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  3. Sparky
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator

    Did you not sign the CDL yourself?
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  4. Tully

    Tully Bit Poster

    I signed the CDL under the assumption (I know, it's my fault for assuming) that it was a direct debit form between me and Computeach, since no mention of finance, or loans etc was ever mentioned any time, I had no reason to assume otherwise.

    Anyway, the finance is just 1 aspect of the problem.....

    Career support is basically e-mail spam of ANY IT related job within a certain mile radius from your address...be it SQL developer, or Network manager, it's not specific to your needes or takes into consideration your role/knowledge.
    Access to tutors is NOT direct as stated, it is via customer service, so if you have any question you have to mail customer service, who then forward it onto a tutor....so you can image the wait for a reply.
    Forget about the 'interactive' software, it's just an outdated video with a few questions at the end.
    There is a LOT of discreprencies (spelling) with the my enrolement form. There appears to two copies of the form, 1 which I posses and one which Computeach posses. On my form, the field 'Third Part Financing' is blank, where on the computeach form, this stats 'Barclays Partner Finance', however, this field was also empty at the time of signing.
  5. Hilz

    Hilz Bit Poster

    Hi Tully
    You could be extremely smart and argue that your name on the so-called financial contract wasn't really you. :ohmy You see your name(and everyone who commits to contracts especially financial) is only valid if you let it be. Please bear with me if it seems that I'm going off on a tangent...but for more info on this read: Mary Elizabeth Croft "How I clobbered Every Cash Confiscatory Agency Known to Man". (it's free) Available online at: www.freedom-school.com/mary_elizabeth_croft.pdf . Or just Google the book title.

    Let me ellaborate a little. Any financial contract you enter into takes your signature as verification that you are entering into a commercial contract between themselves and yourself and that you are in fact acting as the business known as (your name) which agrees to be bound by the commercial contract as per the small print. However, you (as a living person and not the name itself) are very different to the name(i.e John Smith) as you the human being is a "living soul". "Living souls" cannot be bound to commercial contracts, even after you have signed for them. This is actually a con on behalf of international banksters to create money from nothing and to deceive the public. I know it sounds way off, but in order to learn more on this subject (as if there isn't enough other stuff to learn :rolleyes:) have a look at the book I mentioned above. People have won cases and legal battles on this subject matter, but it is not being made public for obvious reasons. Go find out the info for yourself.

    I am studying the book myself and I have come to learn that our freedom is only restricted by ourselves and our lack of ability to see outside of the box. We are not financial slaves, not like we think we are. :p
    So to those worried about contracts...don't worry! It is illegitimate to bind human living souls to commercial contracts and these include CDL's, bank loans, credit cards etc. Ask yourself when you next take out a loan...is the bank actually lending me real money(i.e money that was actually in the bank's safe deposit box) or is it creating money out of thin air? The latter is true believe it or not. It is illegal for a bank to lend you money which has been deposited by anyone as this goes against the Fractional Reserve System of banking. The bank is actually creating money by receipt of your signature on the bank loan. Your signature is worth endless amounts of money to them. They create the added credit into their bank both by the use of your signature and the interest your signature created in the so-called loan. :x

    Back to the world of IT and courses...yes, I think I am inclined to study privately using the COMPTIA A+ course book as recommended by BOSUN and Greenbrucelee. I just wouldn't want to commit to a financial contract as despite what I said above, following the rebel route to non-payment is a long and drawn out pain, even if you do win in the end. Still people are doing it, and word is getting out.

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