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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by Tinderstick, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Tinderstick

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    I am coming toward the end of a Java Programming Course with Computeach. I am, regrettably, far from happy with them as a provider.

    I originally wanted to change career some years ago and got into web design. I thought I would try and train for a career in IT with a web / internet bent.

    I was sold the programming route by the Computeach guy. I found the coursework dull and uninspiring and very difficult to knuckle down to. I have ground through the course, juggling other commitments at the same time including a demanding full time job.

    I now find myself at the end of the course shortly to do the SCJP but completely disillusioned. I do not feel like I would pass the exam and I do not feel a competent programmer. I'm not sure how I'm expected to gain employment without one hell of a struggle! I now look at Web Developer posts and think how I could have done things differently.

    Does anyone have some crumbs of comfort? I am still a determined and enthusiastic person who intends to gain employment within IT shortly!
  2. punkboy101
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    Hi Tindersticks, Welcome to Certforums. :D

    I don't know if I can really offer any crumbs of comfort, however I will offer my 2p lol

    I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy the course, but did you find that it was actually the training provider, or more the subject that you didn't enjoy? I don't enjoy programming at all, I find it very boring and tedious, so I know that that is not the route for me. If this is the case with you, put the bad experience behind you and think about what you really think you'd like to do. Then do some research, look into things, and you will find out fairly quickly what you like. Don't let a salesmen talk you into anything!

    If you feel it was the trainning provider, and you enjoy the subject, then put that behind you, you can still practice and learn at home, so your feeling of being unprepared will go away. I remember when I first got my CCNA (I was a network admin at the time) I was worried about my abilities. I soon found out that I was gonna be fine.

    Whatever you do, good luck with it. Look on the bright side, at least you know you don't like programming (or computeach), so look at your other options and make a move. You may feel that you wasted your time, but you gained at least a little knowledge, which I'm sure will come in handy down the road. :D

    Anyway, sorry to unleash one of my weekly (or is that daily lol) ramble's on you on your first post, but like I said, this is just my 2p and how i look at it.

    HTH, GOOD LUCK!!!!

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  3. Tinderstick

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    no apologies required. I hope all posters are prepared to put as much thought into their replies. Your comments are much appreciated.

    I think I would have enjoyed the course more had I been able to see some real, tangible results, rather than just crumby programs that print the names of the planets and other such uninspiring guff. Still, I will plod on and make sure I qualify at least.

  4. MrNice

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    Hi, welcome to da club, lol

    Dont get me started on Computeach, they have never replied to my recent complaint - must be real important to them! I also have hard evidence they cant even take the trouble to mark my exam correctly. I agree with the wise words of PunkBoy, get yourself certified and work from there. I think you will find in the long run you have done anything but waste your time, look at me - only place I will be getting certified is the loony bin! :eyecrazy
  5. flex22

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    Well being the type of person you are is a great attribute

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