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Computeach = Help ?????????

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by adamoliver, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. adamoliver

    adamoliver New Member

    I have been doing some research on various sites after having a computeach salesman around to see me this Friday (09/03/07). In his mind I am best suited to database related courses, then after much spiel on this subject and the benefits etc I was told the cost, nice and cheap it was to not!!
    which would be for one years studying to get compTIA A+, MCP, MCDBA, MCSA and MCSE. I use computers alot and have even built two with my brother, however i have to say my knowledge on IT is not vast.
    I have read alot of commments on this forum related to similar situtaions as my own. Is there anyone who has studied with Computeach that can give me there opinion? Further anyone who has advice to give on how to proceed with this matter?

    My background is retail manager, no IT job experience

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  2. Raffaz

    Raffaz Kebab Lover Gold Member

    Probably better to go the self study route. Start with A+ to make sure its the way you wanna go. Heres a guide to self study that might help ya.
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  3. JonnyMX

    JonnyMX Petabyte Poster

    That'll be tough to do in a year...

    What makes him sense that 'database type' courses will be best for you? Spidey-sense?

    And if so, why has he suggested that you just do all the certs? Just in case?

    Sorry - load of nonsense.

    If it's databases you want, then OK, MCDBA perhaps.

    MCP - tosh, you get that on your way to an MCDBA.
    MCSA - likewise, play your cards right and you get it on the way to an MCSE.

    Sounds like he's only got one course which includes everything and justifies the top whack price.
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  4. Gaz 45

    Gaz 45 Kilobyte Poster

    1 year for all that? Maybe, if you did 30 hours work a week, and even then it would be questionable how much you actually 'knew' and how much you'd just learnt by rote. (Sorry, not trying to offend your intelligence I just don't think that's possible in a year, or even two!).

    I'm currently doing the MCDBA with Computeach, have been for two years, and I've only passed 1 exam (70-229) so far, although in fairness that hsa a lot to do with my 'relaxed' approach to studying.

    I think Computeach are ok, but overpriced. Their workshops I've always found very good & useful, and tutor support is pretty good from what I've heard, though I've never used it myself.

    My advice would be to either try self study or sign up with Computeach (or similar) for a much smaller course (say A+ and maybe 1 MCP) and see what you think before committing to that many studies (you'll need 7-8 MCP's for all that!) and that much money.

    HTH :)
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  5. np3893

    np3893 Bit Poster

    Hi Adam,

    I'm currently a student of Computeach, although i rate the tutors very highly, i don't rate the company itself as much.

    The course you have been offered is actually over 3 yrs long. Well an A+ and MCSE is given a 3 yr limit by Computeach. 1 year is far too much to ask of someone, especially if they are already in full time employment.

    As part of the course offered you go up to Computeach in Dudley to actually have some practical classroom time. For A+ its 5 days and for MCP's it 2 days. These days are very useful when it comes to tying things together before the exams.

    If you are confident enough to learn yourself then self-study would be ideal for you and it will work out cheaper than the price you have been quoted already.

    If you feel that you would benefit from tutor support then my advise would be to research all companies offering similar courses and take it from there

    Since i signed up with Computeach I have passed A+ and 2 MCPs with the 3rd due next month

    Hope this helps

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  6. Colloghi

    Colloghi Kilobyte Poster

    I have had a negative expereince with computeach and since have begun the a+ myself. I signed up for A+ with mcse, a year on i had still not seen any part of the a+ course, instead i was still in the process of completeing this silly pre a+ course:blink
    I personnaly think there is no way you could do that course within a year, due to the nature of the module layout.

    Bear in mind and read carefully the contract they offer you. Im sure you hav asked what happens if you cant complete the course within 1 year and they said, hey no proble,, just extend it!

    well if that happens after a certain period you are actually charged and it costs more.
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  7. Stevie

    Stevie Byte Poster

    If you feel confident enough, then it's best to go self study. On ICS, the A+ course is about £600 (£450 discounted online price) when I looked at doing it, plus exam prices on top. However, a Mike Meyers A+ book is only £35 plus exam fees for home study!

    There are always places on the net you can use to find information about things you don't understand. This ste for instance to help with all the different exam certs, and I personally love www.bit-tech.net (although I use it mostly for the PC modding section), but there are many many more.

    Also, do the reasearch on what exams will help you get which jobs, there is no point in going for the exams to get you datebase entry, when you really want to be in network infrastructure, etc.
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  8. adamoliver

    adamoliver New Member

    Hello to all you who replied thankyou, strangely enough I opted out of pursueing a course with computeach, I have however been looking still. The guy from computeach didnt offer me a course more suited to my skills and the fact that I am not even sure which path I want to head down yet.
    Anyhow I appreciate all the comments recieved, nmost helpful.


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  9. AJ

    AJ 01000001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01101110 Administrator

    Adam, read through the boards and grab some books from the library. Then you and only you can make an informed decision on the IT route you want to take.

    Welcome to the forums :D
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