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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by MarcoPolo, Oct 10, 2004.

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    I have been experiencing most of the problems that are posted elsewhere on these forums with Computeach. I have found the mock exams they send you seem very out of date. I realise the A+ covers all O/S but in 100 questions not 1 relating to WinXP?! I am on the final A+ mock and unable to get passed 81% on fourth attempt. I am finding that every time I use the night tutor on the phone (the online one is never there) they very quickly admit to knowing very little about A+. As an example the question how do you invoke safe mode in win95? select one answer, both F5 & F8 were listed but seeing as F8 brings up the menu I went for F5, I called the tutor to confirm as both answers are correct in my view, and he didnt have a clue - not exactly the most difficult question I ever had! I also find the achievement dates I was expecting are miles out, they told me whole course no longer than 2.1/4 years, "already be working in the industry thus easily be able to pay of my CDL" As I am now a year in and still on A+ I seriously doubt I will have completed the MCSE in under a year! And all the while the repayment dates move ever nearer. Can anyone advise? HELP
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    Hmm, ask lots of questions on here.

    Keep going or stop, don't do it half hearted.Make your decision, I mean :

    Do you want:!:it?
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    Sounds like Computeach suck.

    Out of interest how much has this cost you?
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