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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by CarlosTSG, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. CarlosTSG

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    Sorry guys but I'm going to moan here. Already Computeach has started to doing me head in and I haven't even got my foot through the door yet :rolleyes:

    Although I've read loads of threads on here about them, some good, most bad, I decided to give them a chance, as I'd thought they can't be that bad?.

    First of all, they managed to delay the CDL application by not sending all of forms together. Not really a major problem, that I can deal with!

    Second, They sent me a certificate of Enrolment for the wrong course. I'd thought to myself "WTF, have they put me on the wrong course?" So I'd rings them up. After a short while of playing Human Tennis on the phone (being passed to agent 2 agent) I ended up on the phone to someone who sounded like Vicky Pollard from Little Britain, who could speak fluently bulls**t. Trying to explain that the City & Guilds C & C++ Programming course is completely different to the MCAD in C# was tough. Below is a brief transcript of the call.

    Vicky: Hello Computeach
    Me: Erm yeah, I think you've on put on the wrong course?, it says here C&G in C / C++ but I'm doing MCAD in C#.
    Vicky: YEAH DATS RIGHT!!
    Me: Erm What? C & C++ is different to C#.
    Me: Huh? what, no it's not, Anway am I on the right course or what?
    Vicky: You're on the Visual C#.Net course.
    Me: Right, at last, that's all I wanted to know.
    Vicky: Yeah but C & C++ is a abbreviation of Visual C#.Net, cos basically its the same thing, right?
    Me: Erm Ok then, thanks, bye!!!

    It's looks like computeach need to put their own staff on one of their courses, or at least have some basic knowledge of what their talking about.

    Thirdly, after nearly two weeks later of sending back the answers for stage 1 and not heard anything back from them or not even received stage 2 course material through the door, I thought I'll give them another ring to see what was going off, as I'm not paying all that money just to sit on my arse. It turns out that they never received the answer sheet in the first place? Thats werid, because I'd sent it back in the reply envelope they sent with the package. I know sometimes people do lose letters by Royal Mail, but for computeach to include a green slip with the course material stating that they do sometimes lose mail in the post, is really suspicious. They'd asked me to re-submit the answers by email, which I had to re-do the test, as I simply just wrote my answers on the answer sheet without making a copy of it. I must admit that my own fault. In future I will make copies of all the coursework, just to make sure that I don't lose anything again.

    And last, I still can't register on their Virtual Learning Community Website with my student reference number.

    If this is the shape of things to come with computeach, God help me when I actually get stuck in with the real stuff.
    Can I only hope it will get better.
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    i was in the same boat as you when i signed up, a complication with the cdl forms and then no access to the student site, the first been down to the rep, the second i dont know the problem but after an email to ct it was sorted out within a couple of days.

    And you right in thinking C++ and C# arnt the same thing as they arnt, and to have anything about C++ on your enrolment form must be a mistake as they have dropped C++ altogether in favour of C# or so they told me.

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  3. ant2005uk

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    Learndirect are exactly the same, you send them work and it never gets marked!
  4. CarlosTSG

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    Well I'm not surprised Learndirect are not marking anything. They're always out and about in their teleporting phoneboxes going to music festivals and eating dodgy burgers :biggrin

    LOL, sorry mate, couldn't resist that!!!

    Ah, just thought, it wasn't a phonebox, it was a tent, anyway never mind.

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