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CompTIA Introduces Executive Certificate Programs at Breakaway 2012

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. SimonV

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    CompTIA Introduces Executive Certificate Programs at Breakaway 2012

    A new training program to help business and technology executives expand their knowledge and skill sets in fast-growing solutions and markets is now available from CompTIA, the leading non-profit association for the information technology (IT) industry. The CompTIA Executive Certificate program was introduced at the opening day of Breakaway 2012, the IT channel’s premier annual education event.

    “Each Executive Certificate course is designed to help IT solution providers enhance their current businesses with successful niche practices,” said Kelly Ricker, senior vice president, events and education, CompTIA. “Attendees will learn best practices from an expert instructor and experience ample opportunities for interacting with and learning from their peers.”

    CompTIA offers Executive Certificate course in the following areas:

    • Cloud Computing (Foundations and Intermediate)
    • Data Recovery and Business Continuity
    • Healthcare IT
    • IT Security
    • Mobility
    • Social Strategies
    • Unified Communications

    Content for all Executive Certificate courses has been developed by members of CompTIA and leading experts in the IT industry. All courses are delivered by CompTIA Authorized Channel Instructors.

    To earn the executive certificate, participants must complete all courses and pass the assessments for each course in a specific executive certificate program. CompTIA executive certificates may be completed in a one-day workshop format or over a period of time by attending segmented courses

    More informationhere
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