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CompTIA A+ Upgrade

Discussion in 'News' started by Mr.Cheeks, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Mr.Cheeks

    Mr.Cheeks 1st ever Gold Member! Gold Member


    CompTIA A+ Upgrade

    Oakbrook Terrace, IL, June 6, 2006 –The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the world’s largest provider of vendor neutral certifications for professionals in the information technology (IT) industry, announced today that it is updating its CompTIA A+® certification offering to reflect the evolution of skills required for individuals embarking on a career in technology and by the employers who hire them.

    “Technology is constantly evolving and so are the skills individuals working with technology must have,” said John Venator, president and chief executive officer, CompTIA. “This requires us to continually evaluate and, when needed, update our certification products. In 2006 and beyond, employers want a foundation-level certification that covers both technology essentials and the specialized skills required in different computer service and support environments. With this update, CompTIA A+ continues to serve as the skills benchmark for entry into a technology career. Aligning this credential with specific job roles will increase its value to employers, employees and students alike.”

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    1. zimbo
      cheekmaster change the title to A+ upgrade - this huge and the title doesnt do justice! :biggrin
    2. Weemez
      Do you think that this will devalue the previous exams in the eyes of employers?
    3. zimbo
      OMG!! What are they doing? :dry i mean its total chaos! its going to be harder for someone now to choose which of the 3 exams to take! :dry
    4. Mr.Cheeks
      I think get studying and book your exams! ...its going to get really tough out there!
    5. Modey
      It does sound like they are changing it quite significantly. I wonder if this is a reaction to the popularity of the MCDST? It sounds like it's going more in that direction than before.
    6. Weemez
      Already have Cheekmaster, Core done and OS in a fortnight.
      Just in the nick of time!!
    7. wagnerk
      Wow, one of the few times when a company takes note of a questionaire that they send out.

      The end of last year/beginning of this year Comptia sent out questionaires about how their exams should evolve (you had to be on their mailing list to get the notification - if you're wondering). Just by quickly reading the article it looks like the majority of people agreed with the changes as the certification is being overhauled quite nicely, in my opinion. After all now-a-days you need more than just the skill to build a PC to get into IT. :study

    8. Jada
      WTF my worst fears have come true :mad, i have just spent £90 on books and countless hours of study to find they'll completely overhaul the cert. there's no way I'll pass before they change it. BTW if CompTIA is "a non-profit organisation" why on earth do they charge extremely high exam prices

    9. hbroomhall
      If I have read the info aright there is at least 8 months for you to pass the old exams!

    10. Jada
      just checked on CompTIA site, in th UK youve got till Mar 31 2007! so its all gravy 8)

    11. Bluerinse
      No - things move onwards and upwards and that is the nature of the game. Most employers would be unaware of any changes to the content of exams and the chances are that if they are IT people themselves, they will understand that it's almost impossible to keep all your certifications right bang up to date.
    12. riaz.hasan

      i guess i have plenty of time since i am gonna give it end of this month 8)
    13. Malnomates
      You have untill 31 March 2007 to take the current 2003 objectives exam,which should be time enough to finish the course.How much studying have you completed with your books?

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