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Discussion in 'A+' started by Sure Whitaker, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Sure Whitaker

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    Hi All

    I am a newbie at this and need a bit of help: :oops: I am thinking about doing the A+ exams before the end of this year. I Understand that there will be two.

    Can someone please explain the level of IT knowledge I will need to do this. I have look at various Distant learning courses but they all charge £1000+ for this. I am intending to by the books and try do this with out them as it works out a lot cheaper. I am pretty good with the normal PC day to day basics and have built a couple of PCs and am capable and Installing operating systems, hardware and software. Do you think I will be able to pass the A+ exam?

    Could someone please inform of of the price the exams are, were I can take them (Lancashire area) and how much they normaly cost. Or a website I could get this info from.

    Thank you very much for you time and Help!!!!:biggrin
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    Hi Welcome:)

    The A+ is an entry level cert so this means non or very little experience is needed although a basic grasp which you seem to have will be ok.

    There are two exams for the A+ one is mandatory and is called Essentials and you pick one elctive which are IT Technican, help desk technican and Depot technican. Most people do the IT Technican exam.

    To Take the exams you register with and you will find your nearest test center on this site. You also pay pearsonvue and the cost is £111 + VAT per exam, however you can buy discount vouchers from and this reduces the cost. When I took my A+ the exams cost £107 each for the discount vouchers. Just make sure you buy the International ones.

    When you receive your vouchers by email from gracetechsolutions you enter the codes as payment on the pearsonvue website instead of your credit/debit card number.

    You do not need to do a course with anyone for the A+ as most are overpriced and all they do is give you some books anyway then charge you a lot for it.

    If you are planning to do the exams this year you will need compTIA A+ all in one exam guide 6th ediion by Mike Meyers and PC Technican street smarts by James Pyles. A computer you don't mind taking to bits and putting back together would also help.

    Any further questions just ask.
    Certifications: A+, N+, MCDST, Security+, 70-270
    WIP: 70-620 or 70-680?
  3. Sure Whitaker

    Sure Whitaker New Member

    Thank you so much, this has helped loads!!:D

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