Code 10....error at CD_RW

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ron_of_orange, Aug 8, 2004.

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    hi anybody?

    Code 10 problems.....they definitely SUCK....I'm going start with a quick description of where I'm at.

    I have two PC's.....both generate "Code 10 errors" when I try to re-install an External IEEE 1394 SBP2 BusLink CD_RW.

    Both PC's are running Windows 2k Pro.

    The Tyan Box is the newer of the two.....
    Mboard is Tyan 2462ung....This is a AMD Dual 1400Mhz.Processor
    Server Board
    1 Gbyte Ram.
    Came with no Firewire an add-on Pci Card is required.
    The CD-RW actually worked at least for a short while....Then, I crashed the OS.. on my Tyan Box I re-installed the OS over the existing OS....w/ new SID ...(I forgot I had a backup stored on it...LOL) So, I've been re-establishing new links, etc. to all my OLD programs......(most were in other partitions...but not all).
    Currently this box is nearly complete.

    Service packs...yes up to SP4.....just chasing this problem.

    The other box is my Intel Box....a little older
    MBoard is a Intel L440GX.....(dual 700 Mhz processor)...A server board
    256 Kbyte Ram ; No Firewire ports...So add cards are required.

    This box has not been a problem....running fine. So I thought that if I could get the CD-RW to work on it maybe I could fix the the Tyan Box....

    So I've chased down most every SP pack and driver upgrade I can find...Still no LUCK....except BAD

    I've seen some suggestion for the ASUS mother boards where re-setting the BIOS was successful for a similar CODE 10 problem (different device).

    I've also seen a successful Utility program with a file named "TOGGLE" (toggle.exe)...which was provided for some Nvdia device. A guy in France has a FTP site.....It's still I down loaded it.

    Haven't tried it......

    I've seen some discussion about a need for more resources (IRQ's). And some suggestions to pull all your cards out and/or move the Firewire card to a different slot.

    I haven't seen a real "Honest to goodness Fix".....

    A lot of people have these Code 10 problems....some are USB...some Firewire....mostly different External devices.....

    So where am I at now.....Pretty much lost I guess.

    If I haven't tried to correct this (Code 10) on one machine, then I did try it on the other. Still no real fix.


    I thought to pull the firewire card...power up, power down, then reinstall firewire card....No benefit on the Intel box as of now

    So, more looking ....
    A look at Event Viewer finds an Application LOG Event 4100 error...I maybe over-looking a cause for my problem...??

    A question as to whether or not an Event 4100 could be the root cause for an Event 9

    Event 4100 looks like this
    pasted here....
    The COM+ Event System failed to create an instance of the subscriber {6295DF2D-35EE-11D1-8707-00C04FD93327}. CoCreateInstanceEx returned HRESULT 8000401A.

    An event 9 looks like ...
    pasted here...
    The description for Event ID ( 9 ) in Source ( sbp2port ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. The following information is part of the event: .

    An Event 9 is a repetitive spin-up, then spin down of the CD-RW....

    his Error is regenerated in the System LOG every 10 seconds approx.

    Neither box has any IRQ conflicts....the OHCI 1394 Host controller is recognized and running....
    If I find a sure fire fix ...I'll be back to post it....In the mean time if anybody else finds a real SURE Fire Fix

    Let Me Know...

    thanks in advance to any and all

    2:35 pm pst
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    I found this for the 4100 event your getting HTH:
    Certifications: MOS Master 2003, CompTIA A+, MCSA:M, MCSE
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