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    Had an interview for a helpdesk job with them 3 days ago, its supporting Bt broadband customers with technical queries. From the inteview it sounds a good place to work, £6 an hr start rate + benefits + training. Was wondering if anyone here has worked for them? and could tell me more about them and what they like to work for? Would this be the ideal first job in IT if successful do you think?

    Also, their recruitment service 'search' told me they would let me know if I got the job within 24 hrs. Its been 3 days, does anyone know how long these guys are guna take to get back to me?

    Cheers :-)
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    Definitely m8 - go for it. As for hearing from the agency - don't wait till you hear from them. Get straight on the phone to find out - after all, they make money off of you, not vice versa.

    Good luck :)
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